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22 December 2021 / Caitlin Devlin

Sticking to your New Year's resolutions with essential oils

If you've resolved to form better wellness habits this year, essential oils can help.

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As the year begins, all of us are trying to start it out on the right foot.

The last couple of years have seen us through some pretty rough times, and if there’s one resolution we should all be trying to keep, it’s the resolution to prioritise our wellbeing and take better care of ourselves in the months ahead. However, as anyone who’s ever paid for a year-long gym membership that they stopped using after the first week of January knows, sticking to resolutions can be hard. Sometimes we need a little extra help.

At Nikura, we’ve come up with some resolutions we think we should all be making for the new year. And to keep us focused on our goals, we’ve paired each resolution with some indulgent essential oils and blends that can help us reach those targets. Let’s make this a great year.

This year, I will...

...take better care of my health.

If you’re aiming to take your wellness seriously in the new year, then immune-boosting oils are a great place to start. Spices such as cinnamon and clove can be incredibly protective, supporting the immune system by warding off unwanted infections. You should also look out for citrus oils, as they can provide a natural immune boost and have powerful cleaning properties. Here are some of our favourite immune-boosting products.


Immune Boost - Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml Bottle


Immune Boost Pure Essential Oil Blend

This healthy blend of bergamot, eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree is packed full of health-promoting essential oils. All four ingredients have strong anti-bacterial properties and are known to support the immune system, strengthening your body’s natural defences.


Four Thieves - Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml Bottle


Four Thieves Pure Essential Oil Blend

The story goes that graverobbers used to protect themselves against the plague by using this antibacterial, health-promoting blend of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary. Our version of the blend is designed to protect your household from harmful microorganisms and strengthen immune responses.

Lemon Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil

Lemons were once known as the ‘fruit of health’, and are tied to all kinds of incredible health-protecting properties (learn more about the benefits of lemon essential oil here). Not only can this powerful oil be a useful cleaning agent, but it can also protect the body from illness and infection.


...get a better night's sleep.

Developing good sleeping habits is one of the best ways to automatically boost both mental and physical health. The right essential oils can be incredibly effective at promoting a good night’s sleep, which can lead to lower stress levels, a more positive mood, and a faster immune response, as well as improving our cognitive function day to day. Here are some of the best sleep remedies we have to offer.

Sweet Dreams Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml Bottle
Sweet Dreams Pure Essential Oil Blend

Cedarwood, lavender, lemon verbena and ylang ylang combine in this restful blend. All four oils are known to have strong sleep-promoting properties, and diffusing them in combination can help you to sleep more deeply and fully rest your mind and body.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper berry has strong sleep-promoting properties, to the point where it is often used to combat insomnia. Inhaling juniper berry can help to reduce symptoms of insomnia and lead to a better night’s sleep. You can learn more about juniper berry oil’s other benefits here.

Nutmeg Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Nutmeg Essential Oil

Another oil known to prevent insomnia, nutmeg is associated with deep sleep, and is said to bring a feeling comfort that makes people feel able to fully switch off. Diffusing nutmeg oil can improve quality of sleep and help you sleep for longer. Learn more about nutmeg essential oil here.


...look after my skin.

No two perfect skincare routines are alike, and it’s worth spending time trying to find yours. The new year is the perfect starting point. Essential oils can have all kinds of benefits for your skin, especially when you choose oils that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. This allows the oils to deeply cleanse your pores and gently soothe irritations. Astringent oils are also a great pick, as they can increase the elasticity of skin and lead to a more youthful appearance.

Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

A highly antibacterial oil, gentle tea tree allows for deep cleansing of the skin and pores, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce redness and the appearance of conditions such as acne. It is also reported to be great for dry skin, having moisturising abilities. Learn more about tea tree’s other abilities here.

Frankincense Serrata (Indian) Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil is said to reduce redness and irritation, leading to a more even skin tone. It is also an astringent oil, which allows it to increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Many people report that frankincense oil acts as a ‘boost’ to the skin, giving it a revitalised appearance. You can learn more about frankincense essential oil here.

Neroli (Indian) Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Neroli Essential Oil

Fragrant neroli is highly beneficial for skin. As an antibacterial and astringent oil, it can deeply cleanse skin and contribute to a more useful appearance, and it is also said to regenerate skin cells, clearing up stretch marks and other blemishes more rapidly. It’s stress-relieving properties also help it to prevent the development of stress-induced skin conditions. Learn more about neroli essential oil here. more positive.

We’d all like to think of ourselves as positive, happy people, but some days these things are a little harder to achieve than others. It’s not just nicer to feel positive, however – happiness can have a pronounced impact on our health. If you’re aiming to be more positive this year, then essential oils can help lift your mood and keep you smiling. Citrus oils in particular are a great pick, as they are known to be uplifting. Here are some of our positivity-promoting choices.


Citrus Relief Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml Bottle
Citrus Relief Pure Essential Oil Blend

This lively mix is a great way to experience the mood-boosting effects of citrus essential oils. Bitter orange, cypress, grapefruit and lime create a tangy scent experience to give your day a lift.

Petitgrain Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Petitgrain Essential Oil

If a lack of confidence is holding you back from feeling your best, then petitgrain essential oil can help. The citrussy oil is said to increase self-esteem and promote feelings of bravery and positivity. You can learn more about petitgrain's other benefits here.


...make more time to relax.

No matter how busy we are, if we don’t take time to unwind then both our mental and physical health can suffer. If you’ve resolved to make the most of your downtime this year, then look for comforting floral oils to help you switch off and relieve your stress and anxiety. Here are some of our relaxing favourites.

Relax and Unwind Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml Bottle
Relax & Unwind Pure Essential Oil Blend

This soothing combination of bergamot, lavender and lemongrass is designed to take away your stress. Diffusing in the evening or pouring a few drops in a hot bath is a great way to maximise your downtime and let go of worries and anxieties.

Cosy Night In Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml Bottle
Cosy Night In Pure Essential Oil Blend

This blend is designed to promote feelings of safety and comfort, allowing you to fully relax and embrace a cosy evening. Cedarwood, cinnamon, lavender and ylang ylang combine to soothe overworked minds and prevent anxious feelings.

Lavender (French) Essential Oil 10ml Bottle
100% Pure Lavender (French) Essential Oil

Lavender is an incredibly relaxing oil, used for centuries to soothe worries and anxieties. Diffusing lavender is a great way to put your mind at ease and let its sedative qualities take away everyday tensions. Learn more about lavender essential oil here.

Sticking to new year’s resolutions can be hard work, but the satisfaction of forming better habits is more than worth it. Make an investment in your wellness with the perfect essential oils and start the year as you mean to go on.

Shop our essential oils here.

Shop our essential oil blends here.

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