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Centring Essential Oil Blends

Come back to yourself and experience a natural sense of balance with our centring essential oil blends. Shop our collection of centring pure essential oil blends below.


What are centring essential oil blends?

Feeling unbalanced and uneasy? Our range of centring essential oil blends can help reduce stress, inspire focus and ground your mind.Bottles being filled on a machine

Using a number of effective and calming essential oils, including lavender, eucalyptus, and cedarwood, these oils are ideal for diffusing after a long day or for use in meditation when you need an extra hand feeling aligned.

What are centring essential oil blends good for?

As the name suggests, centring essential oil blends are great for helping to balance and ground the body and mind. However, they can also help to:

Balancing properties can be extremely beneficial both in terms of mood and physical terms. Sufferers of vertigo are said to benefit from the effects of ginger, melissa, and peppermint essential oils due to their combined abilities to reduce dizziness, stress, and nausea.

Centring the mind using essential oils such as cedarwood, lavender, and ylang ylang can also help facilitate a more relaxing and stress-free atmosphere around the home.



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Memory Essential Oil Blend

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Smokey Essential Oil Blend

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