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Fresh Fragrance Oils

Fresh Fragrance Oils

Take yourself back to a nostalgic location, imagine a walk in the woods, or enjoy refreshing fruits with our range of fresh fragrances. Shop our collection of premium fresh fragrance oils below.


What are fresh fragrance oils?

Refreshing scents can come from anywhere, and our collection of premium fresh fragrance oils covers them all. From the salty sweetness of a refreshing Ocean Breeze to the nostalgic muskiness of a new bottle of Baby Powder.

Fragrance Oil Boxes

Add to a homemade candle for a consistently welcoming aroma in your home, or diffuse in an oil burner of your choice. Our fresh fragrances are also great for reviving potpourri or adding to wax melts.

Searching for a different kind of freshness? Why not try our Fresh Cut Grass or Fresh Coffee fragrance oils?

Diffusing these oils around your home can also help to provide a steady aroma of balanced freshness.

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