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Experience the transformative powers of essential oils in a whole new way with our expertly created pure essential oil blends.


Why Nikura?

All of our essential oil blends are vegan, cruelty-free and bottled by hand in the UK. We also provide wholesale rates for businesses.

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What's the difference between essential oils, fragrance oils and blends?

Essential oils are natural substances derived from plants, fruits, trees and herbs.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are created by perfumers to mimic a particular scent profile.

All of our essential oils are 100% pure and natural, and our homemade blends combine the essential oils to create bottles packed full of benefits for your wellbeing.

Any of our blends can also be applied topically with the inclusion of a carrier oil, and can also be used in electric diffusers to make the most of their therapeutic benefits. 

What kind of essential oils can I expect to find in my blends? 

Our blends for essential oils are crafted using a wide range of beneficial aromas, so you can satisfy every scent craving from the aromas floral clary sage to the refreshing notes of pine needle

Feeling festive? Our Christmas essential oil blends combine the classic notes of cinnamon with zesty sweet orange, sherbet-like lemon verbena, and beautifully traditional frankincense

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you blend essential oils?

Essential oils have been blended together for centuries, thanks to their varying scent notes that allow them to create new and innovative aromas.

Finding the perfect blended essential oil for you will largely come down to your preferences, as blends can target everything from bouts of anxiety to motivation and focus

How to blend essential oils?

Once you've found the right essential oils to blend together, you'll be wanting just the right technique to access all their benefits correctly. 

Our essential oil blending guide can help get you started, with tips on how to combine your oils based on scent, purpose, and notes. 

How to make essential oil blends for diffuser?

Our must have essential oils blends are perfect for use in a diffuser, but you can also try your hand at combining your own scents too. 

Simply add a drop or two of each of your selected essential oils and turn on your diffuser as normal. This will allow their combined aromas and benefits to circulate around your home. 



Energy Essential Oil Blend

From £2.99

Memory Essential Oil Blend

From £2.99

Smokey Essential Oil Blend

From £2.99

Vertigo Essential Oil Blend

From £2.99

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