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Roll Ons

Made with a luxurious blend of pure essential oils and soothing carrier oils, these roller balls are designed with an on-the-go lifestyle in mind.


What is an essential oil roller ball?

Roller balls are easy-to-carry, compact bottles that allow you to take the scents and benefits of aromatherapy with you wherever you go.

Combining soothing, beneficial essential oils with our skin-loving coconut oil, these essential oil roll ons have been specifically formulated for direct application and can be used as often or as little as required.

Rollerballs for essential oils are a handy way to transport the gifts of aromatherapy and can be incredibly versatile depending on your needs, your mood, and your preferred scents. 

Our essential oil roll on collection satisfies every occasion - from issues with sleep to encouraging focus before an exam. Each essential oil rollerball carries a wealth of unique purposes for your wellbeing. 

Anti-Anxiety roll on being applied to the back of the neck

How do you use an essential oil roller ball?

Using an essential oil rollerball is easy, quick, and convenient for any circumstance.

To apply, simply remove the cap from one of our essential oil roller bottles and roll the contents onto your pulse points. This includes your wrists, temples, and lower jaw. Other popular areas for roll on application include the neck, chest, and soles of the feet.

Roll on essential oils can be carried in a pocket or bag for on-the-go application, or used before an event to help soothe the mind and relax the body. 

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