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Carrier Oils for Skin

Carrier Oils for Skin

Transform your skincare routine with this collection of nourishing and hydrating carrier oils.


Carrier oils are crucial if you want to use your essential oils topically. Diluting carrier oils will make sure that your essential oils are safe for use on your skin.

Carrier oils can also offer a whole host of benefits for your skin health, such as a wealth of essential fatty acids that can heal damaged skin and regenerate skin cells.

From light carrier oils for skin to more nourishing oils for complex skin conditions or irritated skin, you’ll be able to find the perfect carrier oil for all your essential oil and aromatherapy needs.

So whether you’re looking for carrier oils for oily skin, carrier oils for dry skin, or carrier oils for itchy skin - you’ll be able to find the best carrier oil for your skin below.

Is carrier oil good for skin?

If you’re interested in harnessing the healing powers of essential oils, you need to mix them with a carrier oil before you apply them topically to the skin or to your hair. Unlike essential oils, carrier oils can be applied directly to your skin. They are also sometimes known as vegetable oils.

Since an essential oil could pose a risk of irritation when applied on its own, carrier oils like sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and fractionated coconut oil are all used to protect us from their effects and make them safe for topical use.

Carrier oils can be used to make massage oils, soaps, bath oils, body oils, and so much more. If you want to see the benefits of aromatherapy on your skin, find the best carrier oil for your skin type and mix a small amount of essential oils with it.

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What are the best carrier oils for skin?

Whether you’re looking for carrier oils for acne-prone skin or anti-inflammatory carrier oils for skin, we have a wide variety of different carrier oils for you to choose from. The best carrier oils for your skin will depend on the purpose you need them for and your skin type.

Some of the best carrier oils for dry skin include:

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, we’d recommend using jojoba oil. If your skin is itchy or irritated, we’d recommend using apricot kernel oil as your carrier oil. Argan oil is the best carrier oil for all skin types.

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