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Castor Oil | Carrier

  • Castor Oil | Carrier
  • Castor Oil | Carrier
  • Castor Oil | Carrier
  • Castor Oil | Carrier
  • Castor Oil | Carrier
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This multipurpose oil is often used to soothe the digestive system and is great for moisturising and replenishing skin.

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Used for a wide range of medical and cosmetic purposes, castor oil is an incredibly multipurpose carrier oil known for helping to flush out and soothe the digestive system.

Castor Oil for Skin

Naturally rich in ricinoleic acid with a thick, honey-like consistency, our Caster Carrier Oil holds several restorative benefits for the skin, helping to moisturise and repair signs of dryness, scarring and infection.

These high levels of ricinoleic acid, combined with the oil’s omega-9 benefits, have also been shown to help reduce swelling and pain caused by inflammation on the skin.

Castor Oil is Hydrating

Castor carrier oil is often found in a number of hydrating beauty products as a result and is even said to help sores from drying out as a way of promoting wound healing.

The oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties are also largely responsible for castor’s potential wound-healing abilities.

Learn more about the benefits and uses of castor oil and why it could benefit beard growth.

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