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About Nikura

Here at Nikura, we take great pride in bringing you high quality, luxurious products that promote wellbeing, support relaxation, and enable creativity.

As a UK run, family-owned business since 2016, our founders have been placing wellness and ethical values at the forefront of each and every decision, from producing all vegan-friendly products to ensuring customer happiness with every order.

Our expansive range of essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, and more not only encapsulates the importance of taking time for yourself and your needs, but also the sheer imagination that can come from each and every bottle.

Whether you’re a first-time aromatherapy buyer with a plug-in diffuser and a flurry of curiosity, or you’re a seasoned business owner looking for their next best-selling candle fragrance, we’re dedicated to starting your journey off right.

Wellness to us is more than healing and unwinding – it is passion, joy, and imagination. We hope you have fun exploring our store.

Why you’ll love us

Vegan Friendly

Ethically sourced and free from animal testing

Bottled in the UK

Blended by hand and bottled in the UK

100% Pure & Natural

Nikura essential oils are 100% pure



At Nikura, we believe that quality should never be compromised. That’s why we strive for the highest possible quality in each and every one of our products. We are also dedicated to providing vegan and cruelty-free oils that are always kind to you and the planet.


Customer care is of the highest importance to us. Our best customers are members of the Nikura family, and we strive to give every new member the possible experience. If you ever have a query or concern, drop us an email, and we’d be happy to chat.


We believe that it’s crucial to love what you do. We’re built on our passion for our products, and we’re sure you’ll be as passionate about them as we are. Whether you’re a budding business owner or an aromatherapy enthusiast, we’ll never compromise on putting your dreams at the forefront.


Creativity is a huge part of our brand, and we love dreaming up new scents and blends just for you. Let your imagination run wild as you explore our range, and feel inspired by the journeys that are only just beginning.

Our Products

We believe that true self-care comes with more than just one possibility. That’s why we’re committed to constantly expanding our range with only the best and most reliable products for you and your loved ones.

Our 100% pure and natural essential oils are sourced with care from the best and most trusted suppliers in the industry, carrying with them a host of benefits to keep your body and mind in perfect working order. From floral, fruity, and refreshing aromas to earthy and spicy bases, there’s no limiting the number of aromatherapeutic qualities to explore. We are particularly proud of our unique essential oil blends, carefully created by our knowledgeable team in-house.

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