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Collection - Gift Set - 32 x 10ml Essential Oils

  • Collection - Gift Set - 32 x 10ml Essential Oils
  • Collection - Gift Set - 32 x 10ml Essential Oils
  • Collection - Gift Set - 32 x 10ml Essential Oils
  • Collection - Gift Set - 32 x 10ml Essential Oils

The ultimate collection of Nikura essential oils. Thirty-two of our best, most restorative oils are combined in this comprehensive set, perfect for dedicated aromatherapy enthusiasts.


1 x 10ml - Basil Essential Oil - (Ocimum canum)

Basil has a calming scent, soothing to both the mind and the skin, and able to help clear up redness and irritation. It was traditionally used to relieve gastric distress, and many people still find that rubbing diluted basil oil on the lower abdomen can help manage discomfort.

1 x 10ml - Bergamot Essential Oil - (Citrus bergamia)

Extracted from the offspring of a lemon and a sour orange, bergamot oil has roots in both Southeast Asia and Italian folk medicine. These days it is often used to lift low moods, soothe stress, manage pain, and clean surfaces.

1 x 10ml - Camphor Essential Oil - (Cinnamomum camphora)

Camphor oil is a versatile household remedy that has been sought after for centuries. With both warming and cooling properties, the oil is able to treat a number of illnesses and irritants

1 x 10ml - Cassia Essential Oil - (Cinnamomum cassia)

Used extensively in traditional medicine to treat a huge list of ailments, cassia has a number of health benefits. Today the oil is used to promote gut health, soothe inflammation in the body, and boost circulation. It also has great benefits for hair and skin, able to constrict pores and strengthen hair roots.

1 x 10ml - Cedarwood (Himalayan) Essential Oil - (Cedrus deodara)

Cedarwood has deep roots in Ancient Egyptian medicine and rituals, and throughout the centuries has been utilised for a wide variety of restorative properties. It is now used as a pest-repellent, a facial cleanser, and decongestant.

1 x 10ml - Cinnamon (Bark) Essential Oil - (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Considered one of the oldest spices in human history, cinnamon oil has long been associated with health, protection and immunity, and its warming, comforting scent is an old favourite. It is known to help create a cleaner, more hygienic home, and guard the body against many harmful microorganisms, making it particularly useful in the colder months.

1 x 10ml - Citronella Essential Oil - (Cymbopogon nardus)

Historically known for its insect-repellent qualities, citronella is a more versatile oil than many people realise. It is most famous as a mosquito repellent and can be incredibly effective at keeping pests away from your home.

1 x 10ml - Clary Sage Essential Oil - (Salvia sclarea)

Regarded as a miracle ‘cure-all’ for a range of diseases, infections and mental conditions, clary sage is valuable in many systems of medicine throughout history. These days it is most commonly used to relieve manage stress, cleanse skin, and fight infections.

1 x 10ml - Clove Bud Essential Oil - (Eugenia caryophyllata)

Clove has been associated with oral health for thousands of years, and was an especially popular remedy in Ancient China. These days the oil is used to promote general health, fight infections, and aid digestion.

1 x 10ml - Cypress Essential Oil - (Cupressus sempervirens)

Used by Hippocrates to support heart health, cypress has been associated with high quality of life for centuries. These days the oil is often used to prevent infection, as it acts as a natural antiseptic and has powerful antibacterial qualities.

1 x 10ml - Eucalyptus (Chinese) Essential Oil - (Eucalyptus globulus)

Known for its powerful, purifying scent, eucalyptus oil is often used to help clear airways and aid respiration. Its expectorant properties help it to shift mucus, leading to easier breathing and fighting cold and flu symptoms faster.

1 x 10ml - Geranium (Bourbon) Oil - (Pelargonium Graveolens)

Geranium oil is a gentle, floral oil that is known for its calming effects. A popular ingredient in many skincare products, it has soothing, tightening properties that can help to reduce signs of aging and create a more even skin tone (when diluted), and it is also diffused as a stress reliever.

1 x 10ml - Ginger (Chinese) Essential Oil - (Zingiber officianale)

Ginger oil has been used traditionally to promote gastric health and treat indigestion, as well as to manage aches and pain. It is also considered a natural decongestant and can help to open up airways and dispel cold symptoms.

1 x 10ml - Grapefruit (White) Essential Oil - (Citrus paradisi)

Grapefruit oil is said to increase energy and reduce ‘brain fog’, helping us to think more clearly and feel less fatigued. With strong antimicrobial properties, it is often used for cleaning, and is also lauded for its invigorating, mood-boosting effects.

1 x 10ml - Frankincense Serrata (Indian) Essential Oil - (Boswellia serrata)

Said to be the type of frankincense given to Jesus in the Bible, Frankincense Serrata has a distinctly luxurious aroma: smooth, velvety and all around exquisite. It is commonly used for its brightening, immune-boosting effects, helping to promote health and positivity in the colder months.

1 x 10ml - Juniper Berry Essential Oil - (Juniperus communis)

Now most famous for flavouring gin, juniper berry was once a revered natural remedy that was in use all around the world to treat a wide variety of ailments. These days, juniper berry oil is often used to detoxify the body, aid digestion, and prevent infection.

1 x 10ml - Lavender (French) Essential Oil - (Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavender is a calming oil, traditionally used for its healing properties. It has a powerful ability to treat wounds and protect from harmful bacteria, and it can also provide relief from pain – in particular menstrual cramps. An incredibly multipurpose oil, it has also been shown to lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety.

1 x 10ml - Lemon Essential Oil - (Citrus limomum)

Lemon is a refreshing, energising oil whose sharp, zesty scent blends well with many other floral and fruity scents. It has an invigorating effect, helping to increase positivity and relieve fatigue and nausea. It is also a popular ingredient in facial toners and home cleaners due to its powerful hygienic properties and its ability to attack harmful microorganisms.

1 x 10ml - Lime Oil - (Citrus Aurantifolia)

Sweet and refreshing, lime essential oil is more than just the less-popular cousin of lemon. With historic ties to British Naval medicine and a truly international reach, lime has been used for years to soothe, protect and cleanse, and is said to have an uplifting, invigorating effect. It has strong antibacterial and antiviral abilities, making it an ideal cleaning agent. It is also said to reduce stress and lift low moods.

1 x 10ml - Lemongrass Essential Oil - (Cymbopogon flexuosus)

A highly antibacterial oil, lemongrass has powerful cleaning properties, and can be also be used to cleanse the skin and scalp. It is said to be a digestive aid, and its soothing properties help combat muscle pain.

1 x 10ml - Mandarin Essential Oil - (Citrus reticulata)

Mandarin oil has been found to ease anxiety and prevent stress-related sleep loss, and it is also able to soothe inflammation both topically and internally. It has been found to be especially beneficial to skin thanks to its antibacterial effects.

1 x 10ml - Marjoram (Sweet) Essential Oil - (Origanum majorana)

Marjoram (sweet) is a refreshing scent that is often used to soothe aches and promote health in various areas of the body. It is said to have balancing properties and can be beneficial for the heart and stomach.

1 x 10ml - Neroli Essential Oil - (Citrus aurantium)

Neroli is often used to manage muscle pain, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and it is these same properties that make it a wonderful skin tonic, able to reduce redness and contribute to a more youthful appearance. It has a powerful effect on anxiety, and evidence has even suggested that it can help to improve symptoms of menopause.


1 x 10ml - Patchouli (Indonesian) Essential Oil - (Pogostemon cablin)

Patchouli’s deep cleansing abilities make it ideal for skin, as do its regenerative, irritation-soothing properties. The oil is also said to balance mood and is even used as an aphrodisiac.

1 x 10ml - Peppermint (Piperita) Essential Oil - (Mentha piperita)

Peppermint oil's timeless scent is not only refreshing and stimulating, but packed full of benefits. A favourite among athletes, it can be used to boost energy and improve breath flow, and can help reduce exercise-related injuries by relaxing tight or strained muscles.

1 x 10ml - Pine Needle (Scots Pine) Essential Oil - (Pinus sylvestris)

Significant in many early systems of medicine, pine needle oil has been used for hundreds of years to protect against illness and infection. A natural air freshener, it can help to protect our health when diffused, and can also act as a perfume or deodorant to mask personal odour.

1 x 10ml - Rosemary Essential Oil - (Rosemarinus officinalis L.)

Rosemary has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and is well known for its historic connection to memory. It is still used to improve cognitive function and lower stress today, making it an ideal study companion.

1 x 10ml - Rosewood Essential Oil - (Aniba rosaeodora)

Rosewood was used in Amazonian systems of medicine for centuries and boasts incredible benefits for skin as well as powerful cleaning properties. The oil can be used to tackle both bacteria and fungi in the home, and its antioxidant abilities help it to guard our overall health.

1 x 10ml - Spearmint Essential Oil - (Mentha spicata)

Spearmint oil's minty sweetness is not only refreshing, but packed full of benefits. A favourite among athletes just like its cousin peppermint oil, it can be used to improve breath flow, and can help reduce exercise-related injuries by relaxing tight or strained muscles.

1 x 10ml - Sweet Orange Essential Oil - (Citrus sinensis)

Associated with prosperity, oranges have been in use medicinally for hundreds of years. Able to lift the spirits and relieve anxiety, orange oil is considered a brightening, bettering oil that contributes towards overall wellness in many ways.

1 x 10ml - Tea Tree Essential Oil - (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea tree is well known as one of the most therapeutic essential oils due to its many benefits for the skin and airways. Able to fight infections and relieve congestion, it has been famous for its medicinal benefits for centuries, and is commonly used to treat everyday illnesses such as the common cold.

1 x 10ml - Ylang Ylang (Complete) Essential Oil - (Cananga odorata)

Ylang ylang is said to boost immune response, and the oil also has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. A gentle oil, ylang ylang is often used in skincare to prevent signs of aging.

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