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Energising Essential Oil Blends

Start the day off right and keep it full of life with our selection of energising essential oil blends. Shop our collection of energising pure essential oil blends below.

What are energising essential oil blends?

Made out of 100% pure and natural essential oils, our energising essential oils blends combine a variety of the best mood-boosting, energy-inducing oils to help start your day off right.

Bottles being filled on a machine

Packed with a healthy mix of energising scents, these essential oils for energy come together to inspire positivity, enable creativity and spread happiness throughout the home. Oils such as our Refresh and Focus blend can also help improve concentration during those crucial study periods.

Add to a diffuser or drop some oil into tissue for on-the-go aromatherapy wherever you are. 

citrus relief and immune boost 10ml and 50ml with a cut orange

What are energising essential oil blends good for?

Due to the rich variety of essential oils contained within them, our energising blends can cater to a variety of benefits from balancing the mind to cleaning the home. However, some of the most common properties include:

Essential oils such as spearmint and lemon, found in our Energy essential oil blend, are also known to improve exercise performance as well as refresh the mind.

Many citrus essential oils including grapefruit, lime, and orange have also been said to have energising and invigorating effects, making these sorts of blends, including our own Citrus Relief blend, ideal for a quick and effective boost. 

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