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23 March 2022 / Caitlin Devlin

The best essential oils to boost creativity

If you’re seeking a spark of inspiration, these oils can help you to find it.

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Assorted colour of paintbrushes in a paintbrush holder.

We can all use a little extra imagination now and then.

 Whether we’re creating an artistic masterpiece, tackling a difficult problem from a different angle, or simple reflecting more deeply on our decisions, it helps to think creatively.

The trouble is that creativity is a fickle friend, and sometimes we can struggle to harness it when we need it most. These oils can stimulate your mind in a number of ways, helping your creativity to flourish.

Bergamot oil

Bergamot essential oil is known to increase positive feelings and decrease fatigue, helping us to feel present and joyful as we engage our imagination.

Its zesty scent is stimulating and inspiring and is known to promote balance and harmony, helping us to identify if any outside influences are stifling our creativity or if the disturbance lies within.

Learn more about the benefits of bergamot essential oil.

Black spruce oil

A fresh, woody scent, black spruce is able to easily pass through the blood-brain barrier in a way that other chemicals can’t.

From here it can stimulate hormone production and create changes in mood that inspire us at a deep level.

Learn more about the benefits of black spruce essential oil.

Cinnamon oil

This warming spice does more than comfort us. Cinnamon is known to have a stimulating effect, increasing blood flow to the brain.

This energises us and wakes up our mental faculties, encouraging creativity and productivity with effective results.

Learn more about the benefits of cinnamon essential oil.

Frankincense oil

Closely tied to spirituality, frankincense was traditionally used to help us create a deeper connection to ourselves and our own minds.

The oil is rich in sesquiterpenes which help to deliver oxygen to the brain and heal damaged cells. This helps to promote a clear-headed feeling that gives us plenty of space to focus on our creative tasks.

Learn more about the benefits of frankincense essential oil.

Ginger oil

Ginger’s warming, stimulating properties are great for our creativity. It has been found to activate the human serotonin receptor and is closely associated with confidence and happiness – qualities conducive to creative inspiration.

Learn more about the benefits of ginger essential oil.

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit is famous for its ability to increase energy and alertness. It is often used to lift ‘brain fog’, able to support the action of neurotransmitters and move ideas through our brains more effectively.

Learn more about the benefits of grapefruit essential oil.

Person making notes whilst drinking coffee

Spending time engaging in creativity can help boost overall wellbeing.


Melissa oil

Melissa is a bright, uplifting oil known to boost mood and keep us in a joyful frame of mind.

It’s also been found to boost cognition in general, helping our minds to work faster and more effectively. Inhaling melissa oil can calm us and open us up to inspiration.

Learn more about the benefits of melissa essential oil.

Orange oil

Like all citrus oils, sweet orange has an uplifting, enlivening effect on the mind.

However, there is another, more relaxing side to this fruity oil. It can boost feelings of comfort and decrease stress, leaving us ready to tackle any problem creativity.

Learn more about the benefits of orange essential oil.


Peppermint oil

Peppermint’s energy-boosting abilities can increase concentration, memory, and brain activity. Its refreshing scent can wake up a sluggish mind and motivate us to create.

The focus it inspires not only keeps us on track but helps us to reach higher levels of creativity.

Learn more about the benefits of peppermint essential oil.

Sage oil

The herbal scent of sage is reported to sharpen reasoning and problem-solving skills, helping us to tackle any creative stumbling block.

It also boosts cognition in general for a sharper, more perceiving mind.

Learn more about the benefits of sage essential oil.

Tangerine oil

Tangerine is an uplifting, joy-inspiring oil which promotes positivity. This vibrant oil is said to help us to tap into our imaginations in an almost child-like manner and is used by many aromatherapists for the sense of wonder it creates.

It is said to lend a feeling of playfulness to creative work.

Learn more about the benefits of tangerine essential oil.

Wintergreen oil

Wintergreen is said to increase concentration and wakefulness and give the brain a boost. It also combats fatigue and lifts energy levels to help us feel alive, inspired and ready to create.

Learn more about the benefits of wintergreen essential oil.

Creativity and imagination are abstract concepts that can mean different things to different people, and likewise these natural products may have different effects on different minds.

It’s important to experiment and discover your favourite. If you’re a little lost for where to start, why not try our expertly-blended Creativity Pure Essential Oil Blend for some bottled inspiration.

Creativity - Pure Essential Oil Blend - Aromatherapy - Nikura

Shop it here.

Shop our essential oils here.

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