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Fragrance Oil Sets

Fragrance Oil Sets

Explore a wide range of high-quality scents for every occasion, made especially for candle making, soap making and diffusion.


What are the best fragrance oil gift sets?

With an ever-growing range of unique and vibrant fragrances to choose from, it's hard to select just one fragrance oil set to be the shining star.

However, some of our growing, expertly selected customer favourites include:

Explore a mix or find your beloved favourite fragrance oil kit to start unlocking your creativity today.

Coconut (Island) and Caribbean Escape 10ml bottles on sand with a sky background

Are fragrance oils good gifts?

Our fragrance oil gift sets make for the perfect presents for any experimental candle makers, soap makers, or wax melt makers in your life.

Specifically formulated to produce long-lasting, vibrant scents, our fragrance oil sets are great for experimenting with different aroma combinations, helping to create the best homemade creations available for you and your loved ones.

A fragrance oil gift box is also a welcome addition to the home of any unique scent lover, as our fragrances cover a broad spectrum of fun and vibrant combinations to enrich your imagination and awaken your joyful spirit.

If you're seeking a festive gift this year, our Christmas fragrance oils are also a wonderful place to get started.

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