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Christmas Scents

No matter how you celebrate, welcome in the festive season the right way with our range of cosy, warming, and refreshing oils.

What are Christmas scents?

If you're wanting to make the most of the festive season, no matter how you celebrate, these oils are for you.

Featuring everything from warm and spicy essential oils to sweet-scented fragrance oils, bespoke wellness blends, and specially curated gift sets, our Christmas scents are packed with everything you need to keep the festive spirit going.

Classic aromas are met with functional aids and health-boosting remedies for the forthcoming winter weather, and seasonal favourites are packaged together to create the ultimate scent collections.

Find your favourite gifts for your loved ones, your next scent backdrop for that much-anticipated Christmas party, or that long-lost childhood aroma that has characterised Christmases past.

What are Christmas scents good for?

Aside from gifting to your loved ones during the festive season, Christmas scents can help provide year-round relief and relaxation no matter what the weather.

Our hand-made blends, created by our in-house experts, have been shown to help uplift the mind and body, as well as relieve it of stress and worry.

Some blends, as well as the essential oils within them, could even help protect you from the handfuls of stubborn colds and flus that come with the colder weather - as well as prevent them by helping to keep your home clean.

What are the best Christmas scents?

The great thing about the festive season is that there are so many different scent possibilities available for you to discover and enjoy.

The freshness of Citrus Peel and Pine offers up an entirely unique experience compared to the indulgent sweetness of Baked Cinnamon Bun.

If you're seeking more natural scents to mark the days surrounding Christmas, our essential oil gift sets and bespoke blends offer up a variety of scent options.

Our premium and fine fragrance oils, on the other hand, are great for using in homemade candles, soaps, wax melts and more.

Candy Cane Fragrance Oil
From £1.99
Clove Bud Essential Oil
From £2.29

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