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Chakra Essential Oil Blends

Chakra Essential Oil Blends

These handmade essential oil blends are intended to balance your chakras and leave you feeling more in tune with your spirituality. Using essential oils for chakra balancing helps by directing specific energy towards reformatting old patterns in our chakras.


What are chakra essential oil blends?

Known to help facilitate balance and realign your spiritual state, our range of chakra essential oils covers each of the seven chakras individually. These include:

Each blend combines different essential oils known to target the particular requirements and effects of each chakra. Using essential oils in this way helps to re-balance our chakras by directing specific energy towards reformatting old patterns in each one.

The root chakra oil blend is the first in the series and is said to be located at the base of your spine, with the intention to spiritually ground you. Root chakra essential oils tend to be earthy and warming with the intention to uplift.

The remaining chakras travel up your body and are said to target varying factors of mindfulness from creativity and identity to love and communication.

How do I use chakra oils?

As with many essential oils, the most common way to use chakra oils is through diffusion, allowing the scent of the blend to fill the room as you conduct your practice. Alternatively, some people prefer to add the oils to water or to a carrier oil in a spray bottle and spray around the room.

Our chakra aromatherapy kit can also be applied topically to the relevant chakra points in the body, however, we always advise conducting a patch test before use in this way, as well as ensuring the oil is diluted with a carrier oil before application.

Learn more about the seven chakras and essential oils to align them over on our blog.

Heart chakra essential oil blend 10ml bottle with a green background

Why do chakras need to be balanced?

Balancing our chakras can help to bring us closer to our sense of self and our inner energy. It can bring about a more peaceful state of mind, encourage positive self-esteem, and even promote physical health and wellness throughout your body.

Deeper sleep is also easier to accomplish when your chakras are aligned, as you are less prone to nightmares as well as other sleep disturbances, leaving you more energised and in tune with your surroundings during the day.

Neglecting to balance your chakras can leave you feeling low and unmotivated, as well as producing a physical weakness in the body. Leaving chakras unbalanced can even lead to uncontrolled, angry emotions that affect your inner state.

Third Eye chakra essential oil blend 10ml bottle with an indigo background

How do I know if my chakras are not balanced?

If one or more of your chakras is unbalanced, you may feel slightly “off” in a number of different ways.

You may be finding that certain areas of your social or work life may be going wrong, even if it’s in little or seemingly unimportant ways. You may also be feeling as if your emotions are all over the place, leading to feelings of frustration, tiredness, and insecurity.

Unbalanced chakras can also lead to certain physical symptoms, such as frequent illness, pain or stiffness in your feet and legs, and digestive issues. Balancing your chakras can help ease your mind and encourage healing for all of these factors.

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