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Freshly Baked - Gift Set - 5 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

  • Freshly Baked - Gift Set - 5 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

Freshly Baked - Gift Set - 5 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

A collection of mouth-watering bakery scents, fresh from the oven.

1 x 10ml Cupcake (Vanilla) Fragrance Oil

Fill your home with an irresistible scent straight from the bakery doorway. Delectably sweet, our Cupcake (Vanilla) Fragrance Oil captures notes of tempting golden, freshly-risen sponge, topped with rich, sugary frosting.

1 x 10ml Hot Apple Pie Fragrance Oil

Open up the oven door and let the scent of spiced fruit fill the kitchen... The most comforting and nourishing of scents, our Hot Apple Pie Fragrance Oil evokes a warm, cosy feeling that can make any house smell like home. Top notes of apple mix with cinnamon and caramelised brown sugar over a crumbly pastry base.

1 x 10ml Coffee Cake Fragrance Oil

Rich and indulgent, our Coffee Cake Fragrance Oil has a warming, uplifting scent reminiscent of coffee mornings with friends and Sunday afternoons spent reading. Buttery top notes combine with hints of cinnamon, nuts and vanilla to finish this decadent blend.

1 x 10ml Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil

Indulge in the hearty sweetness of the most comforting of all the baked goods. Our Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil brings together sugary cinnamon and soft vanilla to create a scent straight from a baker's tray.

1 x 10ml Blueberry Pancakes Fragrance Oil

Juicy blueberries and sweet maple sit on a buttermilk pancake base, floating in a pool of early morning sunlight on your kitchen table. Our Blueberry Pancake Fragrance Oil is the best way to wake up in the morning - and will leave you dreaming about the perfect breakfast for the rest of the day.



• Please always perform a patch test before use. 

• Versatile and ideal for use in soapmaking, potpourri, bath salts, candles, oil burners and diffusers, vaporisers and air fresheners etc.

• Apply no more than 1% in any cosmetic products.

• Shake well before use



• Please perform a patch test before use 

• Do not take internally and do not apply directly to the skin 

• Not for use in lip balms, may irritate the skin 

• Highly concentrated – please keep away from children and eyes 

• Store in a cool dry place

The information provided is given in good faith and the benefits of 5 x 10ml Fragrance Oils - Gift Set given are obtained from characteristics commonly associated with it. The information is not based on facts and the benefits of the product may vary between individuals. If unsure, then we advise you to seek professional advice.


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