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Flower Power - Gift Set - 10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

  • Flower Power - Gift Set - 10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils
  • Flower Power - Gift Set - 10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils

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Better than any bouquet, these scents will fill your home with floral magic and set the mood for total relaxation.

1 x 10ml Rose Geranium (Egyptian) Fragrance Oil

An intoxicatingly beautiful blend of two floral favourites. Our stunning Rose Geranium (Egyptian) Fragrance Oil combines warm, delicate notes of geranium and rose with leafy greenery to create a crisp yet complex scent.

1 x 10ml Rose Fragrance Oil

Drawing inspiration from a popular perfume famous for its velvety rose scent, our Rose Fragrance Oil is full of dewy decadence. Calming, delicate, and soft as a petal, this classic floral scent lasts longer than any bouquet, and will never go out of style.

1 x 10ml Lily of the Valley Fragrance Oil

Delicate and classic, our Lily of the Valley Fragrance Oil is a fantastical scent that will transport you to calm green spaces and fields of flowers. Notes of green floral sing out clear and bright through the last of the rain, as clouds begin to clear over the slopes of the valley.

1 x 10ml Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil

The sweetest of floral experiences. Lie down in a garden full of blooms and drift away with our Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil. Signature delicate, flowery notes combine with juniper and ylang ylang, drifting over a dry herb base.

1 x 10ml Lavender Fragrance Oil

Bearing strong resemblance in scent to the essential oil, our Lavender Fragrance oil has a sweet, delicate scent that's just as calming as the real thing. Soft florals combine with fresh herbal notes to capture this springtime classic.

1 x 10ml Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

Our Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil has a sweet, golden scent that evokes a calm happiness, and brings with it a sense of springtime contentment. Gentle, tender notes of lilac, jasmine and lavender drift around a honeysuckle heart.

1 x 10ml Lilac Fragrance Oil

A delicate bloom, this sweet purple flower is perfectly captured in our beautiful Lilac Fragrance Oil. Soothing lilac is supported by whispers of rose and lavender, all combining to create a relaxing and comforting scent experience.

1 x 10ml Neroli Fragrance Oil

Our Neroli Fragrance Oil captures the scent of one of the most prized and expensive essential oils. Citrus and floral notes complement each other in this decadent blend, and serve as a sweet reminder of the days when neroli was favoured amongst royalty.

1 x 10ml Nag Champa Fragrance Oil

Warm and intriguing, the musky florals of our Nag Champa Fragrance Oil are reminiscent of the age-old incense scent, and create a sense of mystery and exoticism. Notes of sandalwood, frangipani and red rose dance around a complex floral centre.

1 x 10ml Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Our Jasmine Fragrance Oil expertly captures the classic, delicate jasmine scent. Softer than our Night-Blooming Jasmine, and subtly sweet, this gorgeous oil helps to evoke a feeling of peace and serenity.

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