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3 min read / 12 September 2022 / Laura Garvin Gomez

How to use Essential Oils to Repel Spiders

These powerful scents will help scare spiders away from your home for good.

You don't have to zap harmful chemicals in every corner to safeguard your home from spiders.

Though we are lead to believe this is the only effective way of doing things, for those of us with pets or young children, it isn't always the best way to go.

As spider season approaches, many of us simply don't like the thought of having these harmful substances in our homes - and that's okay!

Thanks to naturals remedies like essential oils, spiders and other creepy crawlies can keep their distance, while still leaving our homes pleasant and chemical-free.

How do I keep spiders away from my home?

Combining our list of spider-zapping essential oils with water and dish soap - another natural spider repellent - is a popular alternative to insecticide sprays.

White vinegar has also gained popularity as an effective base for deterring unwanted guests. You can find our complete recipe for how to make a spider repellent spray here.

If you're not keen on the idea of sprays, dipping cotton balls in your chosen oils and using them to line your window screens, doors, and corners is considered an effective tactic, too.

Essential oils for repelling spiders - what is the best spider repellent?

Peppermint oil

When you think of what oil keeps spiders away, your mind tends to naturally gravitate towards

Strong and refreshing, peppermint essential oil has long been considered one of the best spider repellents around, possibly due to the oil's natural monoterpenoids, to make them deadly for pests.

Since spiders also taste and smell with their legs, they do not tend to walk through areas containing overly fragrant scents or substances.

Peppermint oil is also an effective mouse and rat repellent.

Learn more about the benefits of peppermint essential oil.

Citrus oils

Whether in raw fruit form or in oil form, the smell of citrus is a widely used home remedy to help deter unwanted guests.

Adding a few drops to a spray bottle or combining it with dried citrus peels can help effectively maintain a spider-free home while also making your environment smell pleasant and fresh.

While oils like and are the more popular choices for repelling spiders, almost any citrus oil will be suitable for the job.

Close up of mint plant

Tea tree oil

Commonly known for repelling headlice, the herbaceous smell of has also been proven to deter all sorts of insects and similar pests, including spiders.

Alongside this, tea tree's relieving properties make it a great oil for having around your home during spider season, as common illnesses tend to grow as a result of the transitioning climate.

Learn more about the benefits of tea tree essential oil.

Cedarwood oil

The presence of cedar in general has shown consistent patterns with spider repelling, whether it is present in furniture, in plant form, or as blocks or panelling.

For those of us that don't have cedar already in our homes, cedarwood essential oil is an easy and practical alternative.

has also been known for repelling moths - another common dweller during this time of the year.

Learn more about the benefits of cedarwood essential oil.

Clove bud oil

As it is one of the most potent essential oils, both in its scent and in its properties, clove oil is a great aromatic and spicy alternative for scaring away spiders.

Its naturally high concentration of eugenol has been known to effectively kill some pests,

Learn more about the benefits of clove essential oil.

In spite of the gradual increase in research regarding spider repelling oils, finding the best essential oil spider repellent can still be a challenge if you don't have much experience with aromatherapy.

Thankfully, our is the perfect remedy to help you get started.

Created by our in-house experts, this blend has been specially formulated to repel mice and spiders away from your home for good while still providing a refreshing and uplifting scent.

Shop our Spider Repellent Blend here.
Shop our complete range of essential oils here.

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