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3 November 2022 / Laura Garvin Gomez

Winter Essential Oil Blends for Diffusers

These easy-to-make blends will turn your home into a cosy winter wonderland. 

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Red berries on a branch covered in snow

The winter season is filled with opportunities for relaxation, warmth, and renewal. 

While some of us may not like the colder weather, the darker days can provide a perfect backdrop for getting cosy and keeping our minds and bodies in good working order.

One way to bolster our winter wellness routines is through the use of essential oils, which can be diffused throughout our homes to help us look after our health and keep us in the spirit of the season - without having to face the elements. 

Blending essential oils together in a diffuser is a fun and easy way to scent your home, and can be done using many of the oils you're likely to already have in your collection - so feel free to get experimenting! 

If you're new to the blending game, or simply don't know where to get started, that's okay too. We're counting down some of our favourite winter essential oil blends for you to try this season. 

Christmas Tree Icon

How do you blend essential oils? 

Please note that this will only be a rough guide on how to blend essential oils from scratch. If you're wanting more information on how to blend by scent, note, or function, you can check out our essential oil blending guide.

  1. Select your favourite blend from the options below, and add the suggested number of drops into your diffuser one at a time. We've only included 5 drops of essential oil per blend, so you won't waste much oil if you don't like the scent!
  2. Once you're happy with the smell of the blend, feel free to add more drops as desired - but be sure not to use more oil than your diffuser supports.
  3. If you find you really like one blend in particular, you can bottle it using one of our amber glass bottles and save it for future use.
  4. Avoid diffusing your blend for longer than an hour at a time, as too much diffusion can cause increased sensitivity to the oil.

What are the best essential oils for winter? 

Some essential oils are preferred during the colder seasons - both as a result of their particular scents and because of their unique protective benefits. 

Some of the most popular essential oils for winter include: 

You can find our complete list of winter essential oils, as well as how they can help you through the chilly season, by clicking here

Can I use pre-blended essential oils? 

If you're not feeling like getting creative with your oils, or you would rather find a blend that has already been specifically formulated to your needs, our pre-made essential oil blends are a very good option for any at-home diffuser. 

Here are some of our personal winter favourites. 

Sunny winter path in snowy forest.

Four Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Named after the 4 thieves that used essential oils as a remedy against the plague, this oil is designed to safeguard your health against the increasing chilly weather, and protect you from lingering illnesses.

A fragrant and spicy combination of     and  our  oil is the perfect essential oil blend for winter,  boasting deeply cleansing and immune-boosting properties with an energising kick to prevent the low moods from setting in. 

Shop our Four Thieves Blend here

Immune Boost Essential Oil Blend

We all know that winter can bring some pretty nasty colds to the forefront, so why not give your health a little extra kick of protection with our  blend? 

Joining together the bright citrus notes of  and  with herbaceous  and  this blend will refresh your senses and leave you feeling like a warm summers day - no matter what the season may be. 

Shop our Immune Boost Blend here

Cosy Night In Essential Oil Blend

One thing that many of us desire in the wintertime is a well-deserved cosy night in, complete with films, blankets and your favourite aromatherapy scents.

Our  blend features all that you need for the perfect winter's evening - combining    and  to relax the mind and body alike. 

Shop our Cosy Night In Blend here

Person holding coffee mug with knitted gloves.

What are the best homemade essential oil blends for winter?

Want your home to capture all the best winter vibes without having to go outside? We've gathered together some of our favourite recipes for you to make at home in your diffuser - or even in soaps or candles to gift to loved ones during the festive season. 

Essential Oil Blend 1

  • 3 drops of 
  • 2 drops of 
  • 1 drop of 

Create your very own winter wonderland with this airy blend of herbaceous and spicy essential oils. 

With a presence that will have you longing for a snowy retreat far away, the piney scent of fir needle combines seamlessly with the gentle sweetness of spearmint to create a full-proof remedy for congestion. 

Cinnamon also adds to this lightly festive sweet quality, while simultaneously providing your body with a relaxing inner warmth that positively contributes towards fighting infections and lifting mood.

Find out more about spearmint, fir needle and cinnamon.

Essential Oil Blend 2

  • 3 drops of 
  • 2 drops of 
  • 1 drop of 

Relax by a cracking fire with the smoky comforts of this woody winter blend. 

Refreshing black spruce makes an ideal base for improving sleep, lifting mood, and relieving congestion - all while providing a soothing forest backdrop for a candlelit night in. 

Cedarwood also adds to this deep forest element, with traditional frankincense helping to boost your immunity for the long season ahead.

Find out more about black spruce, frankincense and cedarwood

Essential Oil Blend 3

  • 3 drops of 
  • 2 drops of 
  • 1 drop of 

How could it possibly be winter without a bit of festive cheer? This blend captures all that is great about the age-old link between winter and Christmas. 

Uplifting orange gives a nod to the sweet treats of the season, helping to improve a stubborn case of the winter blues while also energising you for the new year ahead. 

Frankincense and peppermint essential oil can also help to protect you in a physical sense, rounding the blend out with warm but refreshing notes.

Find out more about sweet orange, peppermint and frankincense

Spicy Elements Icon

Though winter can feel like the longest season of them all, using some of these essential oil blends can help you use the time to your greatest advantage - and the many types of essential oils out there means there's no limit to the amount you can create. 

No matter how to choose to use your essential oil blends -whether pre-made or homemade - their scents are sure to see you safely into the year ahead.

Shop our essential oils here. 
Shop our essential oil blends here.

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