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Spice Essential Oils

Mix and match

Warm, comforting and richly complex, our spice essential oils provide the perfect environment for renewed wellness. Shop our collection of spicy essential oils below.


What are spice essential oils?

Derived from a range of complex natural spices such as cinnamon bark, clove, and black pepper, spicy essential oils are most commonly known for their fragrant and warming aromas, as well as their restorative properties.

Amber Glass bottles being filled on a machineLike many of our essential oils, spice oils are steam distilled and are considered widely beneficial for reviving the senses, making them very popular in smell training kits as well as candles and soaps.

Spice essential oils are also widely used in seasonal craft making. Why not head over to our blog and discover some fun recipe ideas to try for yourself?

What are spicy essential oils good for?

Spice oils, like many essential oils, contain numerous natural benefits for the body and mind.

Spicy essential oils in particular are known to:

These essential oils are also often revered for their warming qualities as well as their potent scents. Oils such as clove leaf and cinnamon have also been known to help with oral health.

If you're after some more refined, specially curated spicy scents, look no further than our Chai Spice and Pumpkin Spice essential oil blends to warm your home and soothe your mind. 

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