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Essential Oil Starter Kits

Essential Oil Starter Kits

Whether you're just beginning your aromatherapy journey or simply wanting to go back to basics, these starter kits are for you.


What is the best essential oil starter kit?

No starter pack of essential oils is made equal, so it is difficult to determine exactly which one is the "best essential oil starter kit". There are, however, many different variations to choose from depending on your scent or size preferences.

If you are new to the world of aromatherapy and are looking for something to help get you started, our Beginner essential oil starter kit may be the best choice for you. However, if you are seeking something more vibrant to help boost your energy and brighten your mood, our Fresh Collection essential oil starter kit may be more to your liking.

From herbaceous sets and spicy duos to well-loved classics and insect repellent powerhouses, each essential oil starter kit has something to offer you in your wellness journey.

Amber Glass bottles being filled on a machine

What essential oils come in the starter kit?

Our essential oil starter kits come in groups of two or three oils and are available in quantities of 10ml or 100ml.

Each essential oil kit contains a variety of aromatherapy staples - from the sweet and floral to the fresh and restorative.

Discover our bespoke collections of essential oil favourites, best sellers, and everyday basics from our specially curated list.

Bergamot and Lavender essential oil 10mls with a 20ml box.

Why should I buy an essential oil starter kit?

Essential oil starter kits are great if you are new to the world of aromatherapy, or if you are looking for gifts for a loved one.

These kits are also ideal if you are seeking several essential oils for a discounted price.

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