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Earthy Essential Oils

Explore the countless therapeutic wonders of the earth with our earthy selection of essential oils. Shop our collection of luxurious earthy essential oils below.


What are earthy essential oils?

Earthy essential oils are derived from a number of natural products grown on land, including herbs, seeds, and several types of resins.

Frankincense, cedarwood, and patchouli are all great examples of earthy smelling essential oils and are considered to be popular choices due to their richly invigorating effects on the body as well as their pleasantly grounding smells.

Amber Glass bottles being filled on a machine
Extracted via steam distillation, these oils are dense with benefits and can be considered quite luxurious in comparison to other oils, with some oils such as benzoin and myrrh (thick) retaining their resinous consistency throughout.

What are earthy essential oils good for?

Earthy and woody essential oils are generally known to:

Like many other types of essential oil, some of the best earthy essential oils can also help to manage stress and balance emotions. Oils like patchouli are known for regulating hormonal imbalances, while fragrant juniper berry is said to help promote relaxation and, according to a study in 2006, has even been proven to improve sleep in people with severe sleep difficulties. 

What do earthy essential oils blend well with?

As earthy essential oils make for a good base scent, there isn't much they won't blend well with.

Scents like cedarwood or patchouli are universally known in perfumery to provide a smooth and well-rounded base note for a number of fragrances.

That being said, earthy essential oils tend to work best with floral or citrusy aromas such as:

Other earthy oils also tend to blend well together, particularly if you want a blend that contains several different benefits within the same scent group.

If you're looking for a functional and relaxing essential oil blend, look no further than our Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend, made to help you drift to sleep calmly and without stress.

For a blend that is both woody and earthy, our Smokey Essential Oil Blend makes for the perfect warming remedy.

What are the best earthy essential oils to use for relaxation?

In general, Cedarwood Essential Oil is considered to be the most relaxing of the earthy essential oils. This is due to its gentle, woody scent that is known to help ground the mind and calm the body.

Patchouli Essential Oil is also renowned for its relaxing properties as well as its distinctive, musky scent, which can help balance mood and encourage feelings of peace.

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