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17 October 2022 / Laura Garvin Gomez

How To Use Essential Oils Without A Diffuser

If you don't have a diffuser for your essential oils, these other popular methods could help.

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Hand holding three essential oils

It's a common myth that diffusers are the only effective way to use essential oils - but this is far from the truth.

While they may seem like the best - and easiest - way to use your essential oils to their fullest potential, diffusers are not always the best fit for everyone. They can be expensive, overcomplicated or tricky to use if you're not well-versed in their characteristics. 

Diffusers may also sometimes be inappropriate for your environment - particularly if you live in an enclosed space or a warmer climate where extra humidity is not most welcome. 

Thankfully, essential oils are versatile remedies, and diffusers are not the be-all and end-all for utilising them effectively. In fact, there are actually countless methods for enjoying the many scents and benefits of aromatherapy in your home.

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What is an aromatherapy diffuser?

Aroma diffusers are electronic machines that are designed to disperse essential oils around the room using a stream of water vapour. 

They are programmed to go off at evenly spaced time intervals, and can include additional features like coloured lights or ambient patterns to help create a sound environment for wellness and relaxation.

If you do find yourself wanting a diffuser, or if you have one that you don't quite know how to use, feel free to check out how to use an essential oil diffuser to give you a helping hand.

How do I diffuse essential oils without a diffuser?

Essential oils were used for centuries before the electric diffuser came into the picture, and a great deal of its traditional applications are still just as easy to incorporate today.  

While all of these uses may not be to your fancy, feel free to try out a few that you think would work with your lifestyle, or that you think would be a good alternative to your current wellness routine. 

Here are some of our favourite methods for how to diffuse oils without a diffuser to hand:

  • Direct inhalation 
  • Palm method
  • Bath
  • Room spray
  • Cushions and pillows
  • Candle making
Amber Glass bottle dripping oil

    Can I directly inhale essential oils?

    Perhaps the easiest way to enjoy your essential oils is by sniffing them directly from the bottle. 

    Oils like  that are famed for their decongesting benefits make great choices for this type of method, especially if you find yourself needing immediate relief from cold or flu symptoms. 

    Simply uncap the bottle, hold a few inches away from your nose and use your hand to waft the vapours in your direction.

    This method is also a great choice if you prefer on-the-go aromatherapy, or if you like testing the scent of your oils over a period of time before using them for larger projects. 

    Be sure to never hold to bottle too close to your nose, as this could cause unnecessary damage to your nasal passageways - especially if you're inhaling stronger oils like  

    Applying oils to your palms

    Another use that contains similar properties to direct inhalation is the palm method.

    This involves combining a few drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil, and rubbing evenly onto your palms. Cup your hands close to your face and breathe deeply.

    This method is also extremely functional for fresh essential oils, and can even be rubbed on your wrists and used as a DIY perfume.

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    Are essential oils safe to put in the bath?

    If you're a fan of using your essential oils to relax, unwind, and recharge, adding a few drops to your bath may be the best way forward.

    Sprinkling in your essential oil as the bath is running is a great way to not only carry the scent throughout your bathroom, but also facilitate a more peaceful environment after a long and tiresome day. 

    Floral essential oils like  or  are fantastic choices for a late night bath, as their calming aromas can prepare the mind for sleep and soothe the body externally. 

    Making a room spray with essential oils

    This is possibly the closest method to electric diffusion that you can achieve without having to actually use a diffuser.

    Quick and easy to make, room sprays can be created using a spray bottle, a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and some water. You can also add witch hazel or Epsom salt if you prefer.

    Room sprays are also a great opportunity to blend essential oils together, or if your prefer, try out some expertly-made blends to suit your mood or occasion. 

    Shake well before every use and spray into the desired areas of your home as often as you see fit. 

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    Can I add essential oils to my cushions and pillows?

    Many people love using the scent of essential oils like  to help them fall asleep. 

    Adding a couple of drops to the edge of your pillow before bed can help if you don't have a diffuser to hand, as it allows for easy inhalation with minimal effort. 

    Alternatively, you can place the oil onto cotton balls and place on the inside of the pillow.

    This is also a great choice for other pillows and cushions around your home if you like to keep your furnishings smelling fresh. 

    Using essential oils for candle making

    For those of us that are feeling particularly creative, choosing to make your own long-lasting scented candles to place around your home can be a great diffuser alternative.

    Add your chosen combination of oils to a tested recipe and enjoy - or send out to friends and family members!

    If you'd like to learn more about how to make candles using essential oils, you can follow our complete guide here.

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    Essential oils - no matter how you choose to use them - can be amazing remedies for your mind and body. 

    Diffusing essential oils can not only make your space smell amazing, but also benefit your wellness time and again - so implementing these methods into your day to day is a fantastic first step for transforming your routine.

    Shop our complete range of essential oils here.

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