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23 September 2022 / Laura Garvin Gomez

The Best Scents for Halloween

Make the most of spooky season with these spine-tingling Halloween scents.

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The Best Scents for Halloween

Spooky season is creeping in...and we're ready to make our homes feel as ghoulish as possible.

Whether you're wanting to scare your hosts into scent heaven, or you're simply looking to relive the sweet trick-or-treat themed aromas of your childhood , this unique variety of Halloween fragrance oils can take you there.

For those looking to make their own scented Halloween treats this year - from candles to wax melts - these fragrance oils have also been specially formulated to create long-lasting, eternally spooky aromas that will boost your DIY to the next level. 

Pumpkin Spice

While some may consider this to be more of an autumnal staple, no Halloween could possibly be complete without the scent of carving pumpkins. 

Warm and inviting, this fragrance oil can help add an extra layer of ambiance to your Halloween parties and gatherings - as well as set a relaxing, festive mood.

Salted Caramel

This rich, lightly nutty scent creates the perfect backdrop for a Halloween baking session. 

Filled with buttery notes of vanilla, the well-loved aromas of salted caramel can warm from within, and give you a sense of spooky joy without too much over-indulgence. 

Lemongrass plant

Pear Drops

Bursting with sweet-shop nostalgia, this sugary fragrance puts the treat in "trick-or-treat".

The combination of childhood joyfulness with more mature notes of juicy pear gives this scent the perfect balance for the Halloween season.

Love Red Apple

The sugary goodness of this candy apple scented fragrance will certainly light up your inner spook-factor.

Designed to ignite your childhood spirit, there's nothing better to mark the Halloween season with.

Whether you're crafting bespoke candles or diffusing them into the air, these smells of Halloween are sure to make this season the most sweetly-scented yet. 

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