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Floral Essential Oils

Flowers are more than just beautiful to look at - unlock the endless benefits and sweet smells of our pure floral essential oils. Shop our collection of relaxing floral essential oils below.


What are floral essential oils?

Floral essential oils are naturally derived from various types of flowers and floral-scented herbs, including lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, and geranium.

Revered for creating an everlasting sensation of fresh and budding bouquets, floral scented essential oils tend to have soft, sweet, and natural aromas with a number of relaxing and invigorating benefits.

Due to their delicate nature, floral oils are almost always extracted via steam distillation, as they cannot sustain the high temperatures involved in other forms of essential oil extraction.

Floral oils are often considered to be the most pleasant-smelling essential oils, used in many varying forms of aromatherapy including diffusion, candle making, and medical aromatherapy.

Floral essential oils are also very popular in skin care, perfumery, and other cosmetic products, as well as in massage treatments when combined with carrier oils.

clary sage and lavender 10ml bottles on a purple background

What are the benefits of floral essential oils?

Like all essential oils, floral oils carry a host of enriching benefits that can help enrich your everyday life and bolster your general wellness.

Aside from smelling really good, pure floral essential oils have also been known to:

Flowery essential oils have multiple benefits for your mental health and physical wellness as well as for your home, with oils such as lavender often used alongside lemon for cleaning purposes.  Floral oils such as ylang ylang are even known to boost confidence and act as an aphrodisiac.

Generally, floral essential oils are strongly associated with feelings of comfort, calm, and relaxation. It is because of these factors that they are so widely used in spas and bedrooms, among other common relaxing locations.

Searching for several benefits in one? Look no further than our range of floral essential oil blends specially formulated for your care and relaxation.

Lavender 10ml Bottle with droplets surrounding

What are the best smelling floral essential oils?

While all floral essential oils vary in their scents and are therefore favoured by people in different ways, the most popular floral essential oils include:

This is largely to do with the immense number of benefits contained in these oils, combined with their more objectively pleasant scents as well as their strength and potency.

If you're looking to get the most out of your floral scented essential oils, why not try adding a few drops to a diffuser or to your nightly bath for a sweet and calming atmosphere?

Alternatively, why not try out our range of floral essential oil starter kits and sets? Each floral essential oil set contains anywhere from two to seven popular floral essential oils to help bolster your wellbeing and leave your home smelling sweet.

Visit our blog to find out more about each of these essential oils, their variations, and what they can do for you. 

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