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Citrus Essential Oils

Get energised and feel rejuvenated with our zesty range of pure citrus essential oils, perfect for brightening up your routine. Shop our collection of vibrant citrus essential oils below.

What are citrus essential oils?

Citrus essential oils are natural products often derived from fruits such as orange, lemon, and bergamot

These tend to carry energising properties that brighten and uplift as well as provide light and fruity aromas that are perfect for diffusing around the home.

Citrus oils are usually extracted via cold-pressing, however, some can also be extracted via steam distillation. Cold pressing involves compressing the peel of the citrus fruit in order to obtain the oils inside, whereas steam distillation uses steam to separate the oil from its natural product.

Please note that some cold-pressed citrus essential oils such as Bergamot and Lemon (Cold Pressed), can be phototoxic when applied to the skin. Try our Bergamot FCF or Lemon (Steam Distilled) essential oils for non-photo toxic options.

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What are citrus essential oils good for?

Like many essential oils, citrus oil is known to provide a variety of benefits for the mind, the body, and the home.

Citrus essential oil benefits are said to include:

Our pure citrus essential oils are also popular for use in candle and soap making. Visit our blog to discover fun recipes and tips on how to get started.

Can't decide? Or have a specific purpose in mind? Discover our range of specially curated essential oil gift sets and bespoke pure essential oil blends containing some of the best citrus essential oils for your wellbeing. 

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