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Herb Essential Oils

Mix and match

Discover our range of functional and restorative herbal pure essential oils to bolster your aromatherapy collection. Shop our collection of refreshingly herbal essential oils below.


What are herbal essential oils?

Herbal essential oils come from a large variety of fresh and fragrant herbs and herbaceous plants grown around the world, mainly in areas such as the Mediterranean and middle east.

Many pure herbal essential oils, including popular choices such as rosemarypeppermint, and basil, are known for their restorative properties as well as their diverse list of functional benefits for the mind, the body, and the home.

Most herbaceous oils are extracted via steam distillation, ranging from fresh, invigorating decongestants to sweet and pungent scents.

The process of steam distillation involves separating the herbs and essential oils from each other using steam, allowing the oil to float on top and be collected for use. This is the most common method of extraction for almost all essential oils.

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What are herbal essential oils good for?

Many of our herbal essential oils boast a variety of different and unique properties, from their abilities as insect repellents to their renowned culinary uses.

In general, herbal essential oils are known to help:

Certain mint essential oils such as peppermint and spearmint are also known for their decongestant properties, helping them to relieve a tight chest and allow for easier breathing.

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