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What are fragrances for candles?

If you're a seasoned candle maker, you'll know how tricky it can be to work with certain oils. That's why our fragrance oils have been specifically designed for use in candle making, providing your creations with a variety of long-lasting, easy-to-use aromas that will fill your spaces with ease.

From sweet and spicy to fresh and earthy, these fragrance oils for candles hold a great scent throw that can accommodate everything from small tea lights to giant three-wicks.

If you're new to using fragrance oils for candle making or are simply looking for new techniques to master your craft, you can check out our beginner's guide to candle making for all the tips on how to get started.

How much fragrance oil is needed for candle making? 

All candles and candle makers are different, so picking the right amount of fragrance oil to add to your mix can be tricky to grasp if you're not familiar with the concept. 

Here at Nikura, we always recommend no more than 10% fragrance oil for your chosen wax. 

While some waxes claim to be able to hold up to 12%, this isn't always the case and could lead to an overpowering, poorly burning candle - so be wary! 

Find out more tips and tricks on how much fragrance oil you should add to your candle by checking out our complete guide

How to make candles with fragrance oils 

The great thing about candles is that they're a fairly easy hobby to grasp with the right tools under your belt. 

Using fragrance oils for candles can also provide you with a fuss-free base and a good scent throw no matter where you are on your candle making journey. 

When learning how to make candles with fragrance oils, it's important to always ensure you have all your ingredients first, and that you know exactly what kind of measurements you want to work with. 

For those that have never tried a candle recipe at all, our candle making tips for beginners can provide lots of helpful advice for following the best methods for you. 

Can you use any fragrance oils in candles? 

Yes! You can use any kind of fragrance oil for candle making that you desire. All you have to worry about is the best scent for you, and thankfully there's many to choose from. 

Since candle fragrance oils have such powerful aromas, their scents won't soon fade inside your homemade candle, so make sure you're using a scent that best suits you or your client. 

If you find that a scent isn't quite the right fit for a candle, all of our fragrance oils are also suitable for use in diffusers, so there's no need to let anything go to waste! 

Which fragrance oil is best for candle making? 

Since everyone is different, it can be hard to exactly determine which fragrance oil is definitively the best for candle making. 

There are, however, many scents that are generally preferred in candles, which is why some may refer to them as "the best".

In light of that, some of our best fragrance oils for candles include: 

  • Apple & Cinnamon
  • Jasmine
  • Amber 

You can also check out our complete selection of favourites for more insight into why these oils shine so bright. 

Fragrance oils vs essential oils in candle making

While it mostly comes down to a matter of personal preference, some people prefer the use of fragrance oils over essential oils for a few reasons. 

Mainly, fragrance oils are much easier to work with during the candle making process than essential oils. This is because essential oils have lower flash points that can make it harder to determine the appropriate heating times for your wax and oils.  

Fragrance oils also come in a number of unique scents that you cannot necessarily acquire naturally, making them a better choice for those who like a bit of variety in their candles. 

Find our more about the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils.

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