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Christmas Fragrance Oils

Christmas Fragrance Oils

Make this Christmas truly magical with this joyful collection of Christmas fragrance oils - especially designed to cater for every merry mood, festive party, or cosy night in.


What are Christmas fragrance oils?

There’s nothing more comforting than the endlessly indulgent scents of the festive period. From a warm and cosy fireplace to a glass of mulled wine at the Christmas market, it's hard to deny that aromas are the true marker of all things merry.

Our Christmas fragrance oils target any and all of these little scent moments, bringing with them powerful and long-lasting aromas that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from parabens.

Available in 10 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml quantities (with larger orders available upon request), this joyful range of fragrance oils will make the perfect gift for your loved ones, as well as the ideal backdrop for any Christmas event.

Can you use Christmas fragrances to make candles?

All of our fragrance oils, including those in our Christmas range, are suitable for use in candle making, soap making, wax melts, and more.

Using our Christmas fragrances for candles can help create fantastic homemade gifts, and can be used across the home to add an extra element of atmosphere for the festive season.

Our fine fragrance oils, in particular, have been specially made for scented crafts, so can provide your projects with high-quality, long-lasting aromas that can be enjoyed continuously throughout the year.

If you’re looking to make Christmas candles yourself, feel free to refer to our Christmas candle recipe as well as our fragrance oil percentage guide for more information.

What are the best Christmas fragrance oils?

The best thing about our extensive festive range is that there’s a scent for everyone to enjoy, with different oils catering to different moods, occasions, and aromatic preferences.

If you’re feeling a bit lost on where to start, however, some of our most popular fragrance oils for Christmas include:

All of our fragrance oils are suitable for use in diffusers as well as for crafting, so don’t be afraid to try out as many as you like and see how they cater to your different needs.

Alsatian Gingerbread 50ml with fairy lights behind

Do fragrance oils make good stocking fillers?

If you’re seeking inspiration for stocking fillers this Christmas, our festive fragrance oils are just the right size for adorning the fireplace.

Small yet powerful, you can opt for a variety of scents to please your loved ones, or simply stock up on one aroma you know they’ll enjoy.

Our fragrance oil gift sets also make a good choice for Christmas time, and you can check out our complete selection of stocking fillers to help get you on the right path. Or alternatively, browse all our gift sets.

How to make Christmas fragrance oil? 

As fragrance oils are made by expert perfumers to mimic a particular scent, you won't be able to exactly re-create a Christmas fragrance oil at home. 

What you can make, however, is Christmas essential oil blends using your favourite natural scents. Follow our blending guide for more information.

You can also blend different fragrance oils together to make your perfect festive combo. 

What does White Christmas fragrance oil smell like? 

Our White Christmas Fragrance Oil is the perfect way to capture all the scents of the season from the comfort of your own home. 

Fragrant notes of jasmine, rose, and violet swirl around a fir tree base with captivating woody undertones, to transport you to the ultimate winter walk through a snowy forest. 

What is the best room fragrance for Christmas?  

Finding your number one home fragrance for the holidays is what truly helps bring the Christmas season to life. 

From the classic warmth of Apple & Cinnamon to the delicate freshness of a Frosty Christmas Rose, we have the best fragrances to adorn all your spaces this festive period. 

Can I buy Christmas fragrances wholesale?

Are you a small business owner or enthusiastic hobbyist looking for Christmas fragrance oils for your clients? Do you enjoy making candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, or soaps with a particularly festive touch?

Sign up for our wholesale membership to receive exclusive access to discounted trade prices as well as larger and bulk-quantity oils.

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