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6 min read / 25 May 2022 / Laura Garvin Gomez

How to make wax melts with essential oils

These cheerful melts are an easy way to scent your space.


Wax melts make for a simple, effective alternative to candles.

Melts are easy to master, and this recipe allows you to make them in whatever size, shape, and colour you prefer. Most importantly, you can customise your wax melts with whichever essential oil, fragrance oil, or blend you want.

Wax melts also make for great homemade gifts, particularly if you know someone who is not a massive fan of candles or has a spare oil burner lying around with no use.

Cheaper and simpler to make than candles, wax melts might just become your new favourite way to diffuse essential oils in your space.

How to make wax melts

The best thing about wax melts is that they require very little pre-planning, assembly, or complicated science in comparison to other popular scent projects.

You will need:

  • 300g soy wax flakes
  • 40g oils
  • A glass jug
  • Silicone moulds in your preferred shape

And that’s it! If you’ve never worked with soy wax before, or you aren’t sure how to make wax melts with soy wax, have no fear – we’ll break down the steps on how to use it later.


  1. Place your wax into a heatproof glass jug.
  2. Melt the wax by placing the jug in the microwave for thirty seconds. Take out the wax and stir, then place it back in the microwave for a further thirty seconds. Repeat this process until the wax is fully melted.
  3. Take care not to overheat the wax. Overheating can result in little white spots on your wax, which can make your wax melts look less professional. These won’t, however, affect the quality or scent of the wax melts overall.
  4. If you want to add a wax dye to your melts, then you should do that here. Otherwise, you’re ready to add the oils. When the wax has cooled slightly but is still not solidifying, add your chosen essential oil, fragrance oil or blend and stir well.
  5. Pour the wax into your chosen moulds and leave them in a cool place until the shapes have hardened. It’s usually better to leave them overnight. Be careful not to place the moulds in the fridge, as the wax will crack if it gets too cold.
  6. Once the wax has hardened, remove it from the moulds. Your melts are now ready to use.

You can also use wax dye in the colour of your choice if you’d like to customise your wax melts even further, but this isn’t essential – your melts will smell just as nice either way.

This is a fully customisable recipe, so if you’re wondering how to make wax melts smell stronger or more subtle, you can change the quantity of oil to mould the scent of your wax melts more to your preference.

You can use 40g of just one oil, or you can split that 40g between several. You can also decide whether you would rather use essential oils or fragrance oils to scent your wax melts.

White oil burner.

What’s the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

While you can use either in your wax melts, both essential oils and fragrance oils carry their own advantages that may sway you more towards one than the other.

Essential oils are a great choice if you’re looking to create aromatherapy wax melts with health and wellness benefits as well as all-natural scents.

Essential oils can also be blended together at home or found in a pre-made blend like pumpkin spice essential oil blend, to help you create more unique scent combinations.

Alternatively, you can use fragrance oils to scent your wax melts with more creative aromas that you can’t necessarily find through natural means – like or

Fragrance oils are also specifically created for use in these types of scent projects, so can be a lot easier to work with if you’re new to making wax melts.

Nikura’s wax options for making your own wax melts

Elevate your wax melt creations with our premium wax options at Nikura. Crafted specifically for wax melts, our formulas offer quality and performance, ensuring exceptional results every time.

  • Golden Wax 494 Soy Wax for Wax Melts: Golden Wax 494 is carefully formulated to create the perfect max melts, featuring a natural soy formula that imparts a luxurious sheen. Designed to capture your chosen fragrance and dye, this wax ensures long-lasting scent and vibrant colour retention, elevating the sensory experience of your wax melts.
  • KeraSoy 4120 Wax for Pillar Candles & Wax Melts: Experience versatility with KeraSoy Pillar KW4120, a biodegradable soy wax blend perfect for crafting premium wax melts. This innovative wax delivers a smooth, flawless finish, making it a favourite among hobbyists and professionals.
  • KeraWax Paraffin 4600 for Pillar Candles & Wax Melts: Embrace sustainability with Kerawax 4600, a premium paraffin wax blend crafted from top-quality materials, this wax is versatile and guarantees a clean, smooth burn. Whether blending with dyes or fragrances, Kerawax 4600 offers limitless creative possibilities for your wax melt business.

Explore our premium wax options today and elevate your wax melt creations with Nikura.

How do I use my wax melts?

In order to use your wax melts, you will need a melt warmer or oil burner. These are generally easy to find and can be used to diffuse essential oils and fragrance oils too.

Place 1-3 melts in the tray of your melt warmer, depending on your preferred length and duration of scent, and light below. You can choose melts of the same scent or mix and match them to get your ideal blend.

Be careful never to touch the hot wax that is produced during the process, and always keep your burner high up and away from children and pets.

You can also place melts in drawers, cupboards and even shoes to keep them smelling fresh.

Ready to turn your passion for wax melts into a thriving business?

Once you become a pro at making wax melts with essential oils you may end up thinking they’re just too good to keep to yourself.

Why not check out the benefits of our wholesale discounts on essential wax melt supplies to boost your bottom line?

As you dive into the wax melt business, sourcing quality supplies at affordable prices becomes essential.

That's where our wholesale options shine, by purchasing wholesale wax melt supplies like bulk buy wax, essential oils, and fragrance oils, you can enjoy savings while maintaining product quality.

Our wholesale program offers competitive pricing with no minimum order, allowing you to stretch your budget further and increase your profit margins.

Whether you're crafting small batches for local markets or scaling up for online sales, wholesale discounts on wax melt supplies provide the flexibility and affordability you need to succeed.

From premium soy wax flakes to a variety of essential oils and fragrance oils, our wholesale options are designed to meet the needs of your growing business.

Making wax melts is a fun and simple way to introduce yourself to the world of scent crafting without having to worry about spending too much money, time or energy on trial and error.

Wax melts can be customised to your heart’s content too, so feel free to experiment by trying out different wax dyes and moulds, or even adding extra elements like glitter to really make your melts stand out.

However you choose to make them, wax melts are sure to become a new staple in your day-to-day life.

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