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Earthy Fragrance Oils

Experience the best scents the earth has to offer with our range of woody and complex earthy fragrance oils. Shop our collection of premium earthy fragrance oils below.

What are earthy fragrance oils?

Made to mimic the greatest natural scents the earth can offer, our earthy fragrance oils provide the perfect combinations of woodiness, muskiness, and complexity to diffuse around your home.

Fragrance Oil Boxes

Opt for the sweet and refined Sandalwood & Vanilla fragrance oil for a naturally delicate, indulgent scent profile, or dive into the spiritually rich aromas of our Sandalwood & Amber to truly experience the earth's natural wonders wherever you are.

Blend with our range of sweet, floral, or fresh fragrance oils to create beautifully balanced homemade candles and soaps for yourself or a loved one. 

What are earthy fragrance oils good for?

Earthy fragrance oils are very popular for creating a number of DIY and commercial products, including soaps, wax melts, and bath salts. However, they are especially popular in candle making due to their exceptional functionality as a base scent for a wide variety of different fragrances.

Fragrances such as Sandalwood and Musk make great classic bases due to their complex but neutral scent profiles, allowing candles and soaps to have natural-smelling notes that easily compliment sweeter aromas.

Like all of our fragrance oils, earthy fragrance oils are also great for diffusing, as they provide a clean and woody scent without any additional potency.

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