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6 min read / 5 January 2022 / Laura Garvin Gomez

Benefits and Uses of Marjoram Oil

Fresh, herbaceous marjoram is known to help regulate hormones and relieve pain.

Identifying marjoram essential oil can be confusing.

There are also two types of marjoram oil commonly sold: (Origanum Majorana) and (Thymus Mastichina). The most famous is sweet marjoram, which we will be focusing on more heavily in this article.

Although the two types of marjoram are very similar, they come from different plants and as such vary slightly in benefits.

Marjoram oil is also often confused with - as the wild Spanish version contains a similar scent profile - but it should be noted that oregano is a separate oil with very different properties to either version of marjoram.

Whilst both can be used to support heart health and relieve pain, sweet marjoram is said to be more effective at regulating hormones, whilst Spanish marjoram is often used for its anti-fungal properties and is suggested as a home remedy for athlete’s foot.

What is Marjoram Essential Oil?

Extracted via steam distillation from the woolly leaves of the marjoram bush, which is native to the Mediterranean, sweet marjoram oil is a pale yellow oil with a gentle, fresh, and lightly spicy aroma.

Known for its balancing effects on the body and mind, marjoram is said to blend very well with floral oils like and as well as spicy scents like

While the herb itself is revered for its cooking applications, the oil is more commonly associated with having a positive effect on the nervous system and is occasionally used in perfumery to introduce warm, aromatic notes.

What are the benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil?

Though differing versions of marjoram sport slightly varied benefits, sweet marjoram and Spanish marjoram contain a number of similarities that can be utilised in the same way.

Some of the most common benefits of sweet marjoram include:

  • Aiding digestive health
  • Regulating hormones and menstruation
  • Improving heart health
  • Relieving pain

Can marjoram essential oil aid digestive health?

It is said that the scent of marjoram can effectively stimulate the salivary glands, creating a functional environment for better digestion from the very beginning of the process.

A of research into marjoram oil found that its compounds are known to have gastroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects, which can prevent digestive issues and bloating.

Marjoram oil may also help to stimulate the peristaltic movement of the intestines – the wave-like effect that helps to move food through the digestive tract.

This can aid in the treatment and prevention of complaints such as indigestion and constipation.

Applying diluted marjoram oil topically to the stomach can help you to experience these benefits and give your digestive health a boost.

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Does marjoram oil regulate menstruation and hormone production?

Marjoram has long been associated with the regulation of female hormones.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can promote breast milk production in nursing mothers, and research has recently suggested that it could act as a natural solution to irregular periods.

A shows that marjoram is able to act as an emmenagogue, which means that it may be able to prompt menstruation. But the incredible effect of marjoram on hormones doesn’t end there.

A further study looked at the effect of marjoram oil on the hormone levels of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS.

They found that, over time, marjoram was able to reduce the levels of adrenal androgens in women with PCOS.

This is interesting as one of the causes of hormone imbalance in women – particularly those with conditions like PCOS – can be androgen excess.

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Is marjoram essential oil good for improving heart health?

An antioxidant-rich oil, marjoram is great for the cardiovascular system, helping to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals in the body.

Not only that, but it has been found to be an effective vasodilator, which means that it can help widen blood vessels.

This increases blood flow through the body and reduces blood pressure, helping to relieve cardiac strain and boost cardiovascular health.

Inhalation of marjoram oil can also help lower sympathetic nervous system activity and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to an overall decrease in blood pressure.

These effects are also what gives the oil its stress-relieving properties, as stimulation of the parasympathetic system encourages rest and relaxation.

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Can marjoram oil relieve pain?

Considered an antispasmodic, marjoram oil has been said to help relieve the pain caused by tight muscles and muscle spasms, as well as soothe tension headaches.

The oil achieves these pain-relieving effects by relaxing the muscles in question and preventing further discomfort, as well as reducing swelling through its anti-inflammatory effects.

A found that marjoram could also contribute to a decrease in pain and anxiety in hospital patients, particularly when inhaled. This may tie back to the oil’s ability to balance out the nervous system.

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How to use Marjoram Essential Oil


The fragrant notes of marjoram oil are unlike any other in aromatherapy – sporting not only classic herbaceous notes but also spicy, fresh, and woody applications that make its scent extremely well-rounded.

Diffusing a few drops of marjoram into your diffuser or oil burner can not only circulate this pleasant scent around your home, but furthermore create a sense of calm and balance that occurs as a result of the oil’s influence over the nervous system.

Inhaling marjoram oil before mealtimes can also encourage healthy digestion and appetite.


If you find yourself struggling with stubborn muscular aches, a mixture of marjoram oil and a carrier oil could help ease the tension and reduce the pain.

Massage the mixture into the affected area and allow the oil’s antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects to take hold.

This same method could also be beneficial against digestive issues as well as menstrual pain and irregularities when massaged gently into the abdomen.


The anti-inflammatory effects of marjoram may be able to lend themselves effectively against acne as other dermatological issues, however more research is still needed in this area.

Candles, soaps, and blends

Because the scent of marjoram is so incredibly versatile, it is an ideal ingredient to include in soap and candle making as well as in the creation of your own, homemade blends.

We recommend following a tested recipe or referring to one of our beginner’s guides before getting started.

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History of Marjoram Essential Oil

Used since antiquity for its culinary and medicinal purposes, marjoram is an oil with rich ties to spiritual and mythological practices.

In the time of the ancient Egyptians, as far back as 2000 BC, marjoram was dedicated to Osiris, the god of the underworld, and was considered the “funeral herb” as a result.

This tradition continued on to the Greeks, who would place marjoram on graves to promote restful peace.

The Greeks and Romans alike would also see marjoram as a herb of happiness, dedicating the plant to Aphrodite and placing it on the heads of newlyweds as a symbol of security and love.

Marjoram Illustration

    Tied into Greek folklore through associations with Aphrodite, this ancient remedy was used extensively in the ancient world to heal and disinfect.

    Its numerous health benefits make it a worthwhile addition to blends, along with its pleasant, herbal scent.

    Product Name

    100% Pure Marjoram (Sweet) Essential Oil
    Botanical Name Origanum Majorana
    Scent Type Herbs
    Benefits & Uses Balancing, Relaxing, Pain Relief
    Suitable for Diffusers? Yes, this marjoram (sweet) essential oil is perfect for diffusers.
    Suitable for Candles and Soaps? Yes, this marjoram (sweet) essential oil is perfect for candle and soap making.
    Extraction Method Steam Distillation
    Bottle Type Tamper proof and UV resistant

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