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Fragrance Oil Starter Kits

Let your inner creativity shine through with our fragrance starter kits - made for every mood, season and reason.


What is a fragrance oil starter kit?

Created by perfumers to mimic a particular scent, each fragrance oil kit contains two to three curated fragrance oils, designed to target a particular scent profile.

From a fresh fragrance oil set of newly washed linen to a bunch of sweet and fruity treats, our fragrance oil starter kits make great tools for unlocking your creativity.

Use to make bespoke candles, melt into soaps, or simply diffuse into your space for an enriching scent experience.

Visit our blog to discover fun ways to use your fragrances, guides on how to make candles, soaps, and wax melts, and more information on how they differ from essential oils.

Floral Musk and Nag Champa 10mls of fragrance oil with their box on a pink background

Why should I buy a fragrance oil starter kit?

With so many fun and unique fragrances to choose from, it can be hard to decide the best scents for you and your chosen projects.

Thankfully, our fragrance oil kits join together a selection of our most popular fragrances in every scent profile: from fresh, sweet, and floral, to fruity, earthy, and spicy.

Discover your favourites and save time, money, and effort money by getting the chance to explore several beautiful scents all at once.


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