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3 February 2022 / Caitlin Devlin

Parsley Seed Essential Oil: History, Uses and Benefits

Parsley seed has strong cleaning abilities and can help to guard our health.

Parsley Seed Essential Oil: History, Uses and Benefits

Parsley is used in the Bible as a symbol of rebirth and spring.

It’s not hard to see where this association comes from – parsley seed is a revitalising oil, cleansing and freshening our bodies and homes and helping us to begin on a clean slate. Primarily composed of the hygienic constituent limonene, it has the strong cleaning properties we would expect, and is able to protect our health and wellbeing in a number of key ways. It even offers specific benefits for menstruation and female health.

It is important to note that whilst parsley essential oil and parsley seed essential oil come from the same herb, they are separate oils and as such do behave differently, with parsley seed being the more potent of the two.

Parsley seed essential oil is antibacterial and antifungal.

Parsley seed has shown strong antimicrobial activity in a number of studies. Research in 2014 found that parsley seed essential oil showed high activity against pathogenic bacteria, able to protect food from contamination and preserve its freshness. Further research in 2016 found that it was effective against various strains of bacteria and fungi, inhibiting their growth. These antibacterial, antifungal abilities make the oil a wonderful natural cleaning product. A few drops of parsley seed essential oil in a spray bottle of water can form a useful homemade cleaning spray.

It’s an antioxidant.

Antioxidants can play a key role in defending our health, and antioxidant essential oils can boost this natural activity and help to make this defence more comprehensive. A 2020 review found that parsley seed showed significant antioxidant activity. This allows it to protect our body against the oxidising effects of free radicals and prevent oxidative damage to cells.

It repels insects.

Parsley seed’s faintly spicy scent is known to keep insects at bay and prevent them from coming into the home or congregating around a certain area. This is just another way that parsley seed essential oil can play a role in keeping our homes clean and hygienic. Spraying parsley seed oil around areas you want to protect or diffusing the oil in your home is a great way to naturally repel pests.

It can regulate menstrual cycles.

The regulation of menstrual cycles is an ancient application of parsley seed essential oil. Sufferers of irregular periods have found that parsley seed oil not only helps to better regulate their cycles but also to reduce excessive bleeding and accompanying pain. The oil is also said to reduce water retention which can in turn reduce bloating – a common period symptom. Diluting parsley seed oil with a carrier oil and rubbing onto the abdomen can help you to feel these effects.

    Although parsley seed is a lesser known oil, its rich medical history gives us many insights into just how many applications it has. Not only does it offer comprehensive cleaning abilities for our homes, but it can help to make sure that internally we function just as cleanly.

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    Parsley Seed Essential Oil

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