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7 x 10ml | Woodland Essential Oil Gift Set

  • 7 x 10ml | Woodland Essential Oil Gift Set
  • 7 x 10ml | Woodland Essential Oil Gift Set

Look no further for woodland scents than this complete seven set.

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The ultimate collection of woodland essential oils is here.

Bringing together seven scents of the forest, this set is everything you need to welcome the outside world into your home.

Black Spruce Essential Oil

Black spruce oil has powerful mood-boosting properties that allow it to relieve stress and promote easier sleep.

A highly antibacterial oil, black spruce essential oil is also a great choice for cleaning, and can act as a decongestant to relieve cough and cold symptoms.

Cedarwood (Himalayan) Essential Oil

The soft, woody tones of cedarwood essential oil have a grounding effect on the mind and a sedative effect on mood. Cedarwood can reduce our stress and help us to achieve balance in our emotions.

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress oil is often used to prevent infection, as it can act as a natural antiseptic and has powerful antibacterial qualities.

Cypress oil can also help to soothe muscle pain and relax chest muscles, inhibiting coughing fits.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper Berry essential oil is a cleansing, purifying oil that also acts as a popular ingredient in home cleaning sprays.

In recent years, juniper berry has been used to help treat symptoms of stress as well as aid sleep.

Myrtle Essential Oil

Myrtle essential oil can be incredibly beneficial for skin, getting rid of excess oil and clearing dead skin cells, as well as cleansing pores.

Many people use myrtle oil in oil-pulling to neutralise bad breath, and it also acts as a natural deodorant, thanks to its aromatic, antifungal properties.

Patchouli (Indonesian) Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil has had a recent boost in popularity due to its extensive use in Hippie culture throughout the 1960s.

Patchouli oil for aromatherapy is also said to balance mood, and can even be used as an aphrodisiac as well as an effective insect repellent.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Said to be useful for fighting infections and relieving congestion, pure tea tree essential oil has been famous for its medicinal benefits for centuries and can be used to treat everyday illnesses such as the common cold.

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