Thyme (White) Essential Oil


Thyme (White) Essential Oil 100% Pure and Natural (Aromatherapy)

Thyme (White) essential oil is an uplifting and reviving oil with a medicinal and herbaceous scent and a warming effect. It is pale yellow in colour and is steam distilled from the thyme shrub.  It is known for being a circulatory stimulant that is excellent in massage blends to alleviate cramps and muscular aches, increase the mobility of stiff joints and combat fatigue.

Scientific Name: Thymus Vulgaris

Mainly used in vapour therapy, aromatherapy, massage, bath and skincare.

100% Pure Thyme (White) Essential Oil

  • Do not apply undiluted to skin
  • Avoid use during pregnancy, and keep away from children
  • Store in a cool dry place

The information provided is given in good faith and the benefits of Thyme (White) Oil given are obtained from characteristics commonly associated with it. The information is not based on facts and the benefits of the product may vary between individuals. If unsure, then we advise you to seek professional advice.