Advanced - Gift Set - 12 x 10ml Essential Oils


1 x 10ml - Bergamot Oil - (Citrus Bergamia)
Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit of the Citrus Bergamia tree, known as the Bergamot orange. It is light green in colour, with a fresh, clean citrus aroma. As well as its beautiful, delicate scent, it's known for balancing your emotions, in particular if you are feeling anxious. It is also frequently used as a home made insect repellent. Bergamot essential oil is known to react when exposed to direct sunlight, and thus should not be applied directly to skin.

1 x 10ml - Cedarwood (Himalayan) Oil - (Cedrus Deodara)
Cedarwood essential oil has a soft, woody aroma and is yellow in colour. Our Cedarwood essential oil is of the Himalayan variety, and it is extracted via steam distillation from the trunk and branches of the Cedarwood tree. Cedarwood essential oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and is often used in skincare particularly in relation to the treatment of eczema. It is also often used to treat a dry scalp and has even been reported to assist in hair growth. The aroma is grounding and has a sedating and calming effect. It is also reported to improve focus and concentration.

1 x 10ml - Cinnamon (Bark) Oil - (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)
Cinnamon Bark essential oil is a soothing and sensual oil which is extracted via steam distillation. It is pale yellow oil and has a warm, spicy aroma. Cinnamon essential oil is a natural cleanser and can help stimulate digestion and ease abdominal discomfort and inflammation. It is also reported to be a natural aphrodisiac. Cinnamon essential oil is very strong and as such we advise caution before applying diluted to the skin.

1 x 10ml - Clary Sage Oil - (Salvia Sclarea)
Clary Sage essential oil is a floral, soothing and sensual oil which is extracted from the Clary Sage flower by steam distillation. It is a clear to pale yellow oil. Traditionally it was used as a decongestant, and is known to possess calming powers and assist with a good night's sleep. It is also known to induce labour when pregnant.

1 x 10ml - Geranium Oil - (Pelargonium Graveolens)
Geranium essential oil is extracted from the flower of the plant through steam distillation. It is very light green in colour, almost colourless with a strong, beautiful floral aroma. One of our bestselling essential oils, this oil helps to restore balance to your skin while stabilising your emotions and enhancing your mood. It is also reported to reduce inflammation and improve circulation, which combined with the beautiful scent make it perfect for a relaxing, detox massage.

1 x 10ml - Grapefruit (White) Oil - (Citrus Paradisi)
Grapefruit essential oil is extracted from the peel of the grapefruit through cold pressing. It is pale yellow in colour and has a sharp and refreshing citrus aroma. Grapefruit essential oil is popular due to its clean, invigorating scent which is also reported to boost motivation and focus. It is often used to treat skin blemishes when diluted for massage.

1 x 10ml - Lavender (French) Oil - (Lavandula Angustifolia)
Lavender is a calming and uplifting oil with a fresh, floral, aroma and almost clear in colour. Different to the more traditional English Lavender, French Lavender has greater healing properties, and the aroma is less floral and slightly more camphorous. A famous essential oil and scent, Lavender essential oil has many applications. Its aroma is commonly used as a relaxing sleep aid and is known to calm your mind, body and spirit. It is also an effective moth and insect repellent which combined with its beautiful natural smell means it is perfect for keeping moths away from clothing. Lavender essential oil is also used as a natural remedy for skin care, minor burns and scars due to its moisturising properties.

1 x 10ml - Lemon Oil - (Citrus Limomum)
Lemon essential oil is sharp, refreshing and zesty and is pale yellow in colour. Our 100% pure Lemon essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit via steam distillation. Due to a high level of anti-oxidants, Lemon essential oil has powerful toning, nourishing and cleansing properties and as such is commonly used on the skin. It is also commonly used to relief nausea, and aid digestion.

1 x 10ml - Peppermint (Piperita) Oil - (Mentha Piperita)
Peppermint essential oil has a sharp, refreshing minty aroma and is pale yellow in colour. This species of peppermint is cross-bred from water-mint and spearmint, and the oil is steam distilled from the resulting herb. One of the most popular essential oils, peppermint oil has many applications. Its cooling properties make it an effective natural pain reliever, when diluted and used in massage. When vaporised peppermint oil is effective at alleviating the symptoms of the common cold due to its ability to open the airways and reduce congestion. The clean, fresh aroma of the oil is also often used to promote alertness and improve concentration.

1 x 10ml - Rosemary Oil - (Rosemarinus Officinalis L.)
Rosemary essential oil has a slightly floral, fresh aroma with similarities to eucalyptus due to high eucalyptol content. It is almost clear in colour, and is extracted from the leaves of the rosemary plant via steam distillation. Rosemary essential oil is most commonly used to combat dry skin, nourish the scalp an promote glossy, healthy hair. It is also often claimed to even promote hair growth. Its aroma is energising, stimulating, and helps focus the mind, and is often used to manage stress and overcome mental exhaustion.

1 x 10ml - Tea Tree Oil - (Melaleuca Alternifolia)
Tea tree oil has a strong and slightly spicy, tangy aroma. It is almost clear in colour and is steam distilled from the leaves of the tea tree. It is well known as one of the most therapeutic oils due to its anti-inflammatory properties and has many applications as a result. Tea tree oil is frequently used to combat a variety of skin conditions, such as acne and eczema. Tea tree essential oil is also often used to fight fungal infections, such as athletes’ foot, and toenail fungus. It is also commonly used to cure a dry or itchy scalp and prevent dandruff.

1 x 10ml - Ylang Ylang (Complete) Oil - (Cananga Odorata)
Ylang Ylang is a soothing and sensual essential oil which is extracted from the Ylang flower by steam distillation. It is a yellowish oil with a floral, sweet and exotic aroma. Ylang Ylang is commonly used to lessen tension, stress and anxiety in order to promote a positive outlook. Ylang Ylang essential oil is also frequently used in hair and skin products for its scent and nourishing properties. It is also reported to assist with improving circulation and cardiac function.

Does not come with a gift box.

Spend a relaxing spa evening with these natural essential oils, available in different scents and tastes for various needs. These essential oils are all 100% pure, vegan friendly and bottled in the UK. Ideal for use in the bath, massage (when diluted) or in an oil burner or diffuser.

100% Pure Essential Oils


  • Proudly bottled in the UK.  
  • Aromatherapy Trade Council Member
  • 100% Pure Natural Essential Oils
  • Ethically Sourced and not tested on animals.  Vegan friendly.
  • Supplied in quality 10ml Amber Glass Bottle, Tamper Evident Lid & Dropper
  • Expiry Date & Batch Codes on labels
  • MSDS / COA and GC available on request


Dilute 5 drops of essential oil 10ml of carrier oil for massage.  Add 5-8 drops for the bath.  Add 5-7 drops mixed with water in an oil burner or diffuser.  


  • Please perform patch test before use
  • Do not apply undiluted to skin
  • Consult physician before use during pregnancy, and keep away from children and eyes
  • Store in a cool dry place

This natural product cannot be guaranteed free from traces of nuts or other allergens.  Due to the nature of this product there may be variances in colour and aroma between batches.  We are continually improving our products and so on occasion the product you receive may differ slightly in appearance from images displayed on our website.

The information provided is given in good faith and the stated benefits of this Gift Set are obtained from characteristics commonly associated with those oils. The information is not based on facts and the benefits of the product may vary between individuals. If unsure, then we advise you to seek professional advice.