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16 February 2022 / Caitlin Devlin

Using essential oils to boost the immune system

Learn how your immune response can be improved with the help of essential oils.

Using essential oils to boost the immune system

A strong immune system is vital to our continued health.

If you feel that your immune system needs a little extra support, natural products can help. Essential oils can boost our immune response and allow us to respond to threats quickly and more effectively. In this piece we’ll explore which essential oils can support your immune system and how to use them effectively.

What is the immune system?

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues and organs that helps the body to combat infections and other threats. When your immune system meets an antigen that it identifies as a harmful foreign substance, it will pass around a signal and produce two responses in succession. The first response in an innate response, during which the first cells to respond investigate the infection and attempt to recognise patterns in the antigens that can help the immune system to form a plan of attack. Once this happens, an adaptive response occurs. This response is based on past responses to antigens and uses the body’s ‘memory’ of how these illnesses were conquered.

If your immune system is weakened or compromised, then your body may struggle to fight off infections or illnesses. This can mean that you take far longer to recover from all kinds of illnesses and feel a far greater negative impact on your health.

How can essential oils support the immune system?

Essential oils can support the immune system in a wide number of ways, many of which are still being investigated. One of the most common ways that essential oils have been shown to boost the immune system is by decreasing stress. Severe stress can cause a level of immunosuppression, causing the immune system to function less effectively and impacting the body’s ability to quickly recover from illness. Stress-relieving essential oils can prevent this immunosuppressant effect and prevent the immune system from being hindered in any way.

Some essential oils can go a step further and act as immuno-stimulants. This means that they don’t just prevent hinderance to the immune system but actively stimulant immune response. Some essential oils can also stimulate the excretion of specific hormones and enzymes or encourage activity in specific areas of the immune system. A study in 2019 even suggested that essential oils can balance immune response to avoid the body being put under unnecessary stress.

In cases where the immune system is naturally weaker, antimicrobial and antiseptic oils can also be useful. By preventing infection they can reduce strain on the immune system and provide an extra layer of protection.

    Which essential oils can boost immune response?

    Many essential oils have some immune-supporting properties, but here are some of our favourites.

    How do I use these oils to boost the immune system?

    Using any of these oils in a homemade cleaning spray is a great way to naturally boost the immune system. You can add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to a spray bottle of water and use on surfaces to feel these effects. You can also try inhaling your chosen oil, either by diluting with a carrier oil and rubbing on the chest or diffusing around your home. Using these oils in soap-making is another great way to feel their benefits and create fragrant, protective products.

    In summary:

    • The immune system is vital to our body’s ability to quickly and completely recover from illness.
    • Essential oils can support the immune system by reducing stress, stimulating immune response, and preventing infection.
    • You can try inhaling these oils, using them in cleaning sprays, or making soap with them to feel these benefits.

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