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Designer Fragrance Oil Dupe Chart

Discover our extensive range of designer fragrance oils below, each carefully crafted to evoke the essence and notes of renowned designer perfumes.

At times, simply wearing your beloved fragrance may not fully capture its essence. That's why we've curated our range to embody versatility, ensuring every scent resonates with your unique style and preferences.

Black Opium Fragrance Oil YSL Experience the allure of Black Opium fragrance oil, a captivating blend that embodies depth and mystery. Indulge in its warm and sweet notes, creating an inviting and intriguing aroma.
Daisy Fragrance Oil Marc Jacobs Step into a blooming garden with Daisy fragrance oil, crafted for those who cherish a gentle, uplifting aroma. Embrace its simple yet elegant blend, reminiscent of daisies and other flowers, for a clean and inviting scent that gently envelops without overwhelming.
Kreed Aventos Fragrance Oil Creed Indulge in luxury with Kreed Aventos fragrance oil, a simple yet sophisticated addition to your daily routine. Discover a harmonious blend of sharp citrus and warm spices, perfect for any occasion.
La Vie Est Belle Fragrance Oil Lancome Experience the luxurious and uplifting scent of La Vie Est Belle fragrance oil, tailored for those who seek elegance with a hint of sweetness.
Lost Cherry Fragrance Oil Tom Ford Discover the perfect balance of sweetness and classic allure with Lost Cherry fragrance oil. Crafted to infuse warmth and richness into your day, it's an ideal choice for those seeking a captivating scent experience.
Savage Fragrance Oil Christian Dior Experience the essence of freshness and sportiness with this must-have cologne.
Snow Angel Fragrance Oil Lush Indulge in our rendition of the beloved cosmetic fragrance from the renowned bath bomb retailer. Radiating vibrancy and sweetness, this candy-floss scented bath time delight epitomises enduring style.

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