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Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Whether you're just beginning your aromatherapy journey or simply wanting to go back to basics, these starter kits are for you.


What is a starter kit?

Our bespoke starter kits contain a number of versatile oils to help get you started on your latest projects, wellness journeys, or therapeutic experiences.

Whether you're seeking an aromatherapy kit to incorporate into your sleep routine, a set of fruity fragrances for candle making, or a selection of easy-to-buy, easy-to-use aromatherapy oils, our starter kits provide a variety of endless opportunities.

Our starter kits are also a great choice if you're only just beginning to explore the world of oils, with our team selecting only the best and brightest combos to make your experience as streamlined as possible.

Green Apple, Lemon Fresh and Watermelon Fragrance Oil Starter Kit 10ml bottles with their box

Why should I buy a starter kit?

No starter pack of oils is made equal, meaning the possibilities and combinations contained in each one is entirely endless.

Every aromatherapy kit provides a different series of benefits or purposes for your everyday wellbeing, whether it's an essential oil kit filled with spicy scents, or a duo of bug repellent blends – and finding the best ones for you is easy!

Aromatherapy starter kits, like our essential oil sets or blend kits, also make for great natural remedies and can help combat any number of daily struggles, from damaged hair and stubborn aches to blocked noses and low moods.

An essential oil kit is also a great way to expand your collection without having to worry about what different oils do or how they can help.

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