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Essential Oil Blends Starter Kits

Whether you're just beginning your aromatherapy journey or simply wanting to go back to basics, these starter kits are for you.


What is an essential oil blends starter kit?

Each essential oil blends kit is made up of two to three of our favourite bespoke 10ml blends, made in-house by our experts to target specific aromatherapy needs.

These blends combine the very best of our pure essential oils to create a series of supercharged remedies, packed full of unique benefits for you and your wellbeing.

Our essential oil blends starter kits are created with some of our most common concerns in mind, including the best essential oil blends for sleep, relaxation, and relief, as well as the best insect repellent blends.

Sleep starter kit with box. Oils included : Cosy Night In, Relax & Unwind and Sweet Dreams

Why should I buy an essential oil blends starter kit?

With so many unique essential oil blends to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best for you and your needs.

Our starter kits can help with this, bringing together a set of functional blends to help relax you, improve your sleep, or keep pesky pests away.

Select your favourites and use them to your heart's content, or gift a starter kit to anyone that could use an extra boost of aromatherapy in their life.

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