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20 December 2021 / Laura Garvin Gomez

Your ultimate Christmas gift guide from Nikura

Essential oils, fragrance oils and bespoke blends for all the important people in your life.

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Your ultimate Christmas gift guide from Nikura

Treat the ones you love to the special gift of wellness this Christmas.

Stuck for gifts that show the people in your life how much they truly mean to you? Know someone that loves scents and self-care, but you have no clue what type of oil will suit them best? Have no fear!

Whether you've been a lover of oils for years, or you're just trying to wrap your head around the difference between  and  our gift guide is here to provide you with only the best essential oil gift ideas, and top fragrance picks for your list this year.

For your added peace of mind, we've broken our selection down into different friends, and family members we know will love our gift sets, so you don't have to worry about any pre-unwrap stress.

If stocking fillers are more your thing, we've added a few of our essential oil blends to the list too for an extra boost of wellness this festive period.

If you'd prefer to browse our whole collection of Christmas gifts, check out our Christmas Scents and Christmas Fragrance Oils collections.

The Crafter

For the one who makes their own candles, soap, and everything in between, why not try:

Collection Gift Set (32 x 10ml Essential Oils)

A crafter’s dream, this set comes with 32 of our best essential oils for creating, exploring, and discovering. The possibilities are endless.

Flower Power Gift Set (10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils)

This fragrant set of ten premium fragrance oils is perfect for creating delicately scented products at home.

Fruity Fragrance Gift Set (10 x 10ml Fragrance Oils)

If the crafter in your life prefers a more vibrant scent, try this set of ten fruity premium fragrance oils.


The Novice

Shopping for that friend who knows nothing about the world of aromatherapy? Start off their collection by trying:

Entry Pack Gift Set (5 x 10ml Essential Oils)

The perfect way to dip your toe into the world of essential oils with five of our most multi-purpose oils. The start of many more essential oil gifts to come!

Christmas Gift Set (10 x 10ml Essential Oils)

For something a little more festive, this set is packed full of winter-warming benefits and is simply brimming with Christmas cheer.

Floral/Citrus Gift Set (14 x 10ml Essential Oils)

A great way to introduce the novice to two of the most popular scent categories. This set of fourteen essential oils combines our seven favourite floral oils with seven of our best citrus oils.


The Insomniac

Know someone who finds it difficult to switch off? Essential oils are the perfect gift. Try:

Sweet Dreams Pure Essential Oil Blend

A blend of sleep-inducing essential oils that acts as a natural way to promote rest.

Relax & Unwind Pure Essential Oil Blends

Another great way to press the reset button is this restful blend that's great for the body and mind.

Floral Gift Set (5 x 10ml Essential Oils)

If your giftee prefers to create their own blends, this set of relaxing florals is a great place to start.


The Creative

For the one who’s always on the hunt for inspiration, try:

Creativity Pure Essential Oil Blend

A mix of essential oils designed to promote creativity and get the mind working.

Sacral Chakra Pure Essential Oil Blend

This blend is specifically designed to align and balance the sacral chakra, which is associated with creativity. Aligning the sacral chakra can help to prevent writer’s block.

Citrus Pack Gift Set (5 x 10ml Essential Oils)

Citrus scents have long been said to lift spirits and spark creativity. This set of five essential oils is perfect for the creative in your life.


The High-Flyer

For the one who’s always on the go, try:

Blends Best Sellers Gift Set (5 x 10ml Pure Essential Oil Blends)

If your high-powered friend has minimal time for wellness, then this set of bespoke blends are perfect for a quick fix.

Energy Pure Essential Oil Blend

The perfect pick-me-up to start the day, this invigorating blend brings together some of our most energising oils.

Favourites Gift Set (7 x 10ml) Essential Oils

When your giftee has minimal time to discover the scents they like, this set of tried and tested favourites is a safe bet.


The Student

Shopping for someone who needs a study buddy? Try:

Memory Pure Essential Oil Blend

A mix of oils said to aid memory and retention, this blend is the perfect revision companion.

Crown Chakra Pure Essential Oil Blend

Associated with intelligence and imagination, aligning the crown chakra can help the student in your life achieve academic excellence.

Woodland Selection Gift Set (5 x 10ml) Essential Oils

Woody, refreshing scents are great for resetting the mind and encouraging focus. Try five of our favourites in this selection of woodland essential oils.


For the one who works hard to make a house a home, try:

Refresh & Focus Pure Essential Oil Blend

Reinvigorate your senses and clear your mind with this punchy blend of uplifting oils.

Four Thieves Pure Essential Oil Blend

Historically used to stave off the plague, this protective blend is ideal for guarding the health of a household.

Citrus Pack Gift Set (7 x 10ml Essential Oils)

Citrus oils are known for their hygienic, immune-boosting properties, and they can also help to promote a happy mood throughout a home.

The Couple

Shopping for a perfect pair? Try:

Aphrodisiac Pure Essential Oil Blend

A mix of essential oils designed to set a mood and spark intimacy.

Cosy Night In Essential Oil Blend

For a perfect date night blend, try this mix of comforting essential oils.

His & Hers Gift Set (16 x 10ml Essential Oils)

This collection of sixteen oils combines scents for him and her so that they can discover their favourites together.  

Candles and Presents

Still feeling stuck? These frequently asked questions can help

What are the best diffuser blends at Christmas time?

If your loved ones prefer creating their own unique scents with their oils, making a bespoke diffuser blend is a great opportunity to get inspired.

There's nothing that makes the festive period quite like a sweet and spicy essential oil, so be sure to include the likes of  and  in their stocking to help spark their creative spirit.

Alternatively, fresh scents like  and  make great backdrops for a winter wonderland.

What are the 10 most popular essential oils? 

Making your own personal gift sets from scratch is also a great choice for lovers of aromatherapy, or for those with a particular wellness purpose in mind. 

If you're not sure how to begin, we've listed some of the most popular essential oils in terms of scent and purpose:

You can also find all of these oils ready to go in our

Want to see more? Shop our complete list of gift sets here, or check out our favourite Christmas essential oils and their benefits here.

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