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Wax Melt Making Supplies

Wax melts are a quick and easy way to make your home smell incredible - Shop our selection of essential wax melt supplies to make your next project the best it’s ever been.


Love to craft, but not keen on the idea of candle making? A set of homemade wax melts may be just the thing for you.

Wax melts are easy to master, relatively inexpensive, and endlessly customisable - so you can offer up unique gifts and specialised scents for your loved ones whenever you choose.

They’re also great for using in oil burners, and allow for a variety of different aromas without having to decant your oils straight from the bottle.

We’ll be going through all the wax melt supplies you’ll need to make a fabulous looking creation.

What supplies do you need to make wax melt?

The best thing about wax melts is that they don’t require much in terms of pre-planning or complicated preparation work.

A wax melt making kit will usually contain a few basic ingredients, which we’ve detailed below:

  • Sox wax flakes (or any other kind of wax)
  • Your choice of essential oils or fragrance oils
  • Silicone moulds in your preferred shape
  • Mica powder in your preferred colour (optional)

It might also be a good idea to have a glass jug handy for all your pouring. On top of these basic wax melt kit ingredients, you can also include fun additions like wax dyes or glitter to really make your designs stand out.

Fragrance oils are usually the preferred choice for wax melts, as they tend to be designed for crafting purposes, but feel free to use essential oils or essential oils blends too.

If you’re unsure which scents to choose for your next project, you can check out our best fragrance oils for wax melts.

The use of essential oils may also come in handy if you’re looking to add aromatherapy benefits to your wax melts - like facilitating relaxation or promoting an energising atmosphere.

How to make wax melt at home

Wax melts only require a few simple steps to create, and are fairly universal in their methods too.

We’ve broken down a basic version of the method below, but we recommend also having a glance at our beginner’s guide to making wax melts for more detailed information.

  1. Place your wax into your heatproof glass jug.
  2. Pop the jug in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt your wax. Take the jug out, stir, and then put back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. Repeat this method until the wax is fully melted.
  3. Watch out for signs of overheating on your wax. White spots are usually an indication of this. They won’t do any harm, but they might make your melts look less professional.
  4. Once the wax has cooled slightly, add in your chosen essential oils or fragrance oils.
  5. Pour the wax into your silicone moulds and leave in a cool place until hardened. Don’t place them in the fridge though, as the wax could crack if it’s too cold.
  6. Remove from the moulds and enjoy!

Can I buy wax melt making supplies wholesale?

If you're a business owner looking for wholesale wax melt supplies, you can fill in our wholesale form to learn more about what we offer.

Is melting wax unhealthy?

Most waxes will be perfectly safe for melting as long as the proper precautions for use are put into place.

The only type of wax which may cause harm when melted or burned is paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum oil - which is also used to make gasoline - and can release harmful chemicals like benzene and toluene when melted.

For this reason, natural waxes like soy wax or beeswax are generally best for your wax melts.

What is the difference between candle wax and wax melts?

There are many features that separate a candle and a wax melt. We've detailed some of the most prominent distinctions below:

  1. Wax melts have a longer burn time, thanks to their ability to absorb heat slower.
  2. Wax melts are generally cheaper to make and produce than candles, as they waste less fragrance.
  3. It is easier to control and alter the scent of a wax melt.
  4. Wax melts are flame-free.

If you like to travel with your creations, wax melts will also be much easier to transport than candles, thanks to their size and lack of glass.

Is a wax melt business profitable?

Wax melt business are becoming more and more profitable thanks to the ease and popularity of using them.

They're also very simple to make and require very few costly ingredients compared to other scent-related crafts, like candles or soaps.

What wax is the best for wax melts?

The best base to use for your wax melts is soy wax.

Soy wax is cheap, safe, and natural, offering up the perfect base for customisation while still keeping costs low.

You can also try experimenting with other natural waxes like beeswax or coconut wax, but be sure to do your research on how to use these correctly!

How many wax melts will 1kg make?

The amount of wax melts you'll get out of 1kg will largely depend on the mould sizes you're using, so there's no real way of judging it for certain.

Generally, though, 1kg of soy wax will equate to around 1174ml of liquid wax when melted.

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