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5 min read / 1 March 2024 / yasmin sharp

How to Ship Perfume in the UK

Learn the essentials of safely shipping perfume within the UK and internationally, including packaging tips and guidelines for hazardous materials.

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If you run a fragrance business it's important to know how to ship perfume in the UK.

You’ll want to ensure that your products are being delivered to customers in perfect condition, and that starts with how they are packaged and transported.

When a customer purchases an item, that is only the start of the process, as you have to implement an efficient and reliable shipping process that gets your products to their front door in one piece.

In this article, we discuss how to send perfume in the post in the UK, along with how to ship perfume internationally, and we also offer some packaging tips that will make your fragrances safer in transit.

Can I send perfume internationally?

All perfumes contain hazardous materials that could pose a risk to people, animals or the environment, if they are not handled in the correct way.

The transport of hazardous products to international destinations is regulated to prevent, as far as possible, accidents involving people, animals, the environment or property.

Perfume can be shipped internationally using a courier, although only by those that are accredited to handle and ship per­fume and the most com­mon dan­ger­ous goods.

Small box on table with plant in the background

How to ship perfume internationally

How to send perfume with FedEx

You can send perfume using FedEx, although you first have to apply to become an approved hazardous materials shipper.

This requires you to follow a strict list of guidelines and restrictions relating to the labelling and packaging of your perfume.

Any products that are perishable or contain liquid will have to be sealed in a 2mm watertight sealable plastic bag.

The foam cushioning inside the packaging will also have to be lined with a 2mm plastic liner and absorbent material.

If you are accepted as a hazardous materials shipper by FedEx, they will provide you with a full list of guidelines and instructions to follow.

How to send perfume with UPS

Sending perfume via UPS works in a similar way to FedEx, as you will also have to apply to use their Hazardous Materials Contract Services.

You can access this service once you have set up a standard shipping account and by following the instructions on their website.

How to send perfume with DHL

Unfortunately, there is not an option to send perfume internationally or domestically with DHL.

Unlike UPS and FedEx, they do not have a specialised shipping service for items that contain hazardous substances, which includes things like perfumes, aftershaves and aerosols.

DHL Express does offer this service in some countries, however, this is only for perfumes that do not contain alcohol. 

Perfume bottle in a box with bubble wrap around it

Can I send perfume in the post?

If you want to send perfume in the post in the UK via Royal Mail, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed.

However, you should be aware that perfumes being sent internationally cannot be sent through the post.

How to send perfume in the post in the UK

  • The maximum weight allowed is 150ml.
  • One parcel cannot contain more than four items.
  • Perfumes must be sent in their original packaging inside strong outer packaging with additional cushioning to prevent damage.
  • You must use a ID8000 label.
  • The outer packaging must display the name and return address of the sender.
  • To post perfumes they must be taken to a Post Office counter to be weighed and labelled.

Perfumes packaged in a box

What is the best way to package perfume for posting?

Whether you are sending your perfume to customers in the UK or abroad, the best way to package them is to use:

Leak-proof bags

The first thing to package your perfume in is a leak-proof bag.

You can use a plastic bag with an adhesive at the top that seals it up, or ziplock-style.

No matter how confident you are in your product packaging, there is always a chance that a bottle or container can be damaged once it is sent out for delivery.

Thermal bubble wrap

When packages are sent through the post or via a courier they can experience some rough treatment along the way, so adding thermal bubble wrap will give the perfume an extra layer of protection.

The thermal element of the wrap also helps to protect the product against any unexpected changes in exterior temperature it might encounter.

Most courier vans do not have good climate control, so it lowers the risk when on particularly hot or cold days.

Additional padding

You should also add additional padding between the exterior packaging and the wrapped product inside the box.

This will create more protection for the perfume in transit, so there is less chance it can be broken as it moves through the supply chain.

It is common for packages to be knocked or dropped along the way and the additional padding can help to absorb this, and even keep the product safe if the exterior box is punctured or crushed before delivery.

Exterior packaging

It is recommended that you use double-walled cardboard boxes for your main external packaging.

This should shield the contents against rough handling and being jostled as the package is moved from logistic centres to trucks and more, before eventually arriving at your customer’s front door.

Choose boxes that are large enough for the product whilst leaving room for the additional padding we mentioned above.

Best practices for shipping perfume

Once you have established a packaging process that will reduce the risk of damage in transit, there are a few other things you should bear in mind, such as:

Checking the local laws and regulations

When sending perfume internationally, you should always check the local laws and regulations to ensure it can be shipped safely and securely without being held up in customs.

Get a tracking number for your customer

Ideally you should supply order tracking information to your customer so they can get updates on the status of the package, such as any delays that may occur and the expected delivery date.

It also reduces the chances of the package going missing enroute, including packages that are left on the doorstep unattended by the delivery company.

Factor the package weight into the product cost

Once you have chosen a preferred carrier, ask that they provide you with dimensional weight pricing.

This will detail the charges involved in sending the perfume, which you can then build into your sale price, ensuring your profit margin isn’t affected.

black and white illustration of a perfume bottle

Perfumes not only have a delicate fragrance, but they are often contained in sensitive packaging, so they need as much protection as possible for shipping.

They can be sent in the UK via Royal Mail, provided certain guidelines are followed, and some couriers offer specialist services for international deliveries.

The better packaged your products are, the safer your products will be in transit and it will also help customers build trust and confidence in your brand.

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