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16 August 2023 / Laura Garvin Gomez

What Essential Oil Blends Well With Ylang Ylang?

Discover harmonious essential oils that blend well with Ylang Ylang.

Close up of two vibrant yellow ylang ylang flowers on their branch

Ylang ylang is an ingredient found in many popular perfumes and cosmetic products, as it tends to combine well with other essential oils.

But what blends well with ylang ylang essential oil and what sort of aromatherapeutic benefits do these mixes have to offer?

Not everyone has the time and energy to test and trial new combinations, so we’ve put together a list of essential oil ylang ylang blends for you to try. Whether you want to hydrate dry skin or simply unwind in comfort at home, we’re confident you’ll find something here that works for you.

What essential oils can you mix with ylang ylang?

If you want a better understanding of what essential oils go well with ylang ylang, here are some ylang ylang essential oil combinations for you to enjoy.

Combine ylang ylang with sandalwood and chamomile to make a mood relaxing fragrance

When you blend ylang ylang with chamomile and sandalwood, it combines to create a comforting, inviting scent that supports relaxation. If you want to overcome a moment of anxiety or a build-up of stress, this mix could help elevate your mood, working well in a diffuser or as a massage oil.

Ylang ylang anxiety and stress relief recipe

Ylang Ylang Flowers on the tree branch

Use a blend of rosehip oil and ylang ylang to reinvigorate dry skin

Rosehip oil is packed with essential fatty acids, including linolenic and linoleic acid, which help to strengthen cell walls to increase water retention. also found that it was able to offer a variety of anti-ageing properties. When combined with ylang ylang oil – which can also be used to hydrate dry skin – it may become an important addition to your skincare routine.

Ylang ylang dry skin mixture

Try to lower your blood pressure with an orange and valerian blend

Some research has found that ylang ylang may be able to reduce blood pressure – although it should never be used as a replacement if you have been prescribed medication by your doctor. Combine ylang ylang with orange and valerian to see if it can contribute to lowering your blood pressure levels.

Ylang ylang low blood pressure recipe

Ylang Ylang flowers on the tree

Boost your sex drive with a combination of ylang ylang, lavender and vetiver

Scientific research has been unable to verify the anecdotal claim that ylang ylang can stimulate your sex drive, but many people hold the belief that it is very effective as a natural aphrodisiac. Use as a massage oil and blend with lavender oil and vetiver to see if it works for you.

Ylang ylang aphrodisiac blend

Enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of a ylang ylang hair mask

Ylang ylang is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can ease an itchy scalp and slow down hair loss. It doesn’t require any other ingredients beyond blending with a carrier oil, and then you massage directly into your scalp. Wash it out after 30 minutes or leave it overnight with your hair in a wrap.

Ylang ylang hair mask recipe

What essential oil blends well with ylang ylang in a diffuser?

Ylang ylang essential oil blends well with several different types of essential oil when used in a diffuser. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Blend ylang ylang with lavender and sandalwood to create a relaxing atmosphere

The distinctive floral scent produced by ylang ylang makes it a very calming and relaxing oil. Used in a diffuser with a few other essential oils, it can help you relax and wind day after a long day or if you are struggling to overcome stressful thoughts.

Relaxing ylang ylang diffuser blend

White diffuser with steam coming out next to a green plant

Mix ylang ylang with orange and bergamot to uplift and re-energise

A diffuser mix can be just as uplifting as it can be relaxing when the right ingredients are brought together. If you are feeling low and in need of a natural pick me up, combine ylang ylang with lavender, orange and bergamot in a diffuser to enjoy a revitalising fragrance around your home.

Uplifting ylang ylang diffuser recipe

  • 3 drops ylang ylang
  • 2 drops orange
  • 2 drops bergamot
  • 1 drop lavender

Diffuse ylang ylang with vetiver to enjoy its aphrodisiac benefits

As we mentioned earlier, this is more anecdotal than science based, but either way, adding a delightful new fragrance to your home may be able to boost your sex drive. Only two ingredients are needed for this simple diffuser blend, so hardly any prep work is needed.

Ylang ylang aphrodisiac diffuser mix

You may want to adjust some of the ingredient levels in these recipes, depending on your preferences and what works best for you.

Are there any side effects to using ylang ylang?

Ylang ylang is generally considered safe to use for most people when diluted and applied correctly. However, research has found that it contains isoeugenol (which has been linked to contact dermatitis) and several other allergens that could irritate the skin.

To safeguard against any potential allergic reactions, always dilute ylang ylang with a carrier oil using the correct ratio and complete a patch test before applying it to larger areas of your body.

Add 1-2 drops to the inside of your elbow and cover with a plaster for 24 hours. If you experience any itchiness, redness, inflammation or similar, wash the oil off your skin and do not use it any further.

Black and white illustration of ylang ylang flower

Scientific research has established that ylang ylang can offer several health benefits when applied in the correct way. From easing feelings of anxiety to lowering blood pressure, you could try a ylang ylang essential oil mix to see what it can do for you. it could prove to be a powerful secret weapon that you can use to boost how you feel and go about your daily tasks. However, it does contain a few allergens, so first-time users should complete a patch test before applying it topically or diffusing it at home.

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