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28 January 2022 / Caitlin Devlin

Niaouli Essential Oil: History, Uses and Benefits

Niaouli essential oil is useful for many types of deep cleaning - even teeth.

Niaouli Essential Oil: History, Uses and Benefits

Also known as the broad-leaved paperback or the paper bark tea tree, niaouli is an evergreen tree native to Australia, New Caledonia, and surrounding areas.

The tree has been around for hundreds of years, used by the Kanaks of New Caledonia to heal wounds and conduct strength. So revered was the tree in Kanak that culture new-born babies were wrapped in niaouli leaves for protection. Although it has a long history of medicinal use, it was only classified botanically in relevantly recent times, and was first introduced to the Western world by a French industrialist who learnt the infection-preventing power of the tree from indigenous people. A member of the eucalyptus family, niaouli has a fresh, balsamic scent, and powerful protective qualities.

Niaouli essential oil is an antiseptic.

Niaouli oil has strong antiseptic properties that let it fight against lots of potentially harmful microorganisms. This makes it ideal for treating irritations. The Kanaks were known to make a poultice from the oil that they applied to wounds to prevent infection and speed healing, and today the bacteria-fighting properties of the oil continue to be documented. A study in 2013 showed that the oil displayed significant antifungal activity, a quality that allows it to keep us safe from causes of infection.

It takes care of your teeth.

Whilst niaouli is useful for many times of deep cleaning, studies have suggested that it is particularly good at attacking causes of tooth decay. A study in 2016 suggested that the oil displayed strong antimicrobial activity against S. mutans, the main organism involved in the formation of dental plaque. Oil-pulling with niaouli oil is a great way to improve oral health. Simply mix one or two drops of niaouli with carrier oil and swill around the mouth before spitting out.

It’s a great skincare ingredient.

Niaouli’s strong antibacterial properties make it ideal for deeply cleansing skin and ridding pores of harmful bacteria. When diluted properly, it is a non-irritant, allowing it to soothe and gently treat skin conditions such as acne. Adding a few drops of niaouli to a carrier oil and sweeping it gently over the face may lead to cleaner, brighter skin.

It can strengthen immunity.

Niaouli oil is though to stimulate blood circulation, metabolic processes, and the secretion of hormones and enzymes. These processes allow it to strengthen immunity in the body by giving us the best possible chance at fighting off and eradicating infection. A study in 2008 found that niaouli promotes cellular immunity in particular by encouraging T-cells to attack infected cells and reduce the level of infection in the body. It may be that this immunostimulant quality is one that the Kanaks noticed centuries ago, leading them to closely associate the tree with protection.

    Powerful niaouli is tough on harmful microorganisms, but when diluted gently it still manages to be gently on our bodies and skin. This ancient and yet newly-introduced remedy has a deceptive freshness to its scent, disguising an oil that comes down heavy on any threats to our health.

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    Niaouli Essential Oil

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