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5 min read / 11 August 2023 / yasmin sharp

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Nails

Explore how jojoba oil transforms your nails with its nourishing properties, enhancing strength, hydration, and beauty naturally.

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When you consider the many natural benefits of jojoba oil for nails, it feels surprising that commercial products often become the go-to choice for many people.

Not only is it rich in vitamin E, which makes it a great moisturiser, but it has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, whilst also being non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

We explore the subject a little further and discuss the potential jojoba oil holds for your nails, whether it can help them grow and how it compares to argan oil.

What are the benefits of jojoba oil for nails?

Some of the standout benefits of jojoba oil for nails include:

1. It helps to moisten your nails

If you regularly experience splitting or flaking nails, regular application of jojoba oil can help to boost the moisture levels in your nail plates.

Sometimes a white or yellowish accumulation can build up underneath the nail during nail psoriasis and jojoba oil may be able to reduce the thickness to restore them to their former state.

2. Use it to treat cuticle issues

The antibacterial properties contained in jojoba oil can help to prevent the growth of bacteria on your nails.

And thanks to its strong moisturising abilities, it can soften your cuticles and nails.

Simply massage the oil into your cuticles once in the morning and once more in the evening to increase your chances of enjoying the best results.

3. Jojoba oil can strengthen your nails

Translucent keratin protein cells produced by keratinocytes (body cells) are responsible for the formation of the nail plate, which offers the tough protection needed for your nails.

When the protein cells beneath the nail bed break down, it often leads to splitting or other forms of damage.

The simple addition of jojoba oil can help to strengthen your nails, minimising the risk of them becoming brittle and tearing when exposed to products and harsh environmental conditions.

4. The oil is natural and safe for your nails

Jojoba oil is a completely natural oil extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant. This means in most cases it will have no side effects when applied directly to your nails and skin.

Compared to most commercial products that include a long list of chemicals in their ingredients, it is much safer to use and far kinder to your skin in general.

5. Mixes well with a variety of essential oils

Because jojoba oil is a carrier oil, it can also work as a dilution base for essential oils, opening up a wealth of new healthy blends you can use on your nails and skin.

This enables you to add more vitamins and nutrients to your daily regime, further supporting the growth and long-term health of your nails.

Clear glass vile surrounded by jojoba nuts

How to use jojoba oil for cuticles

To use jojoba oil for cuticles, follow the steps below:

  1. Clean your cuticles: Slowly wash your hands, focusing on the nail beds and fingertips. If you soak your cuticles in warm, soapy water, this can also help them to soften – which is a routine you can use right throughout the week.
  2. Groom your cuticles: This isn’t an essential part of the process, although, if you want to achieve that salon look, it is worth giving it a try. After you have softened them, carefully push them back using a cuticle pusher. Trim any loose skin or hangnails but do not cut your cuticles as this can be the cause of an infection.
  3. Apply the jojoba oil: Apply a small amount of jojoba oil to a cotton pad and apply to each finger, gently rubbing it into your cuticles.
  4. Massage into the cuticle: It may take a little longer to massage the oil into each cuticle but it is definitely worth it to enjoy the best results. Doing so will ensure the oil is fully absorbed so you don’t leave greasy fingernails around your home. If there is some oil left on the skin after application, simply wipe it away with a tissue.

When is the best time to use jojoba oil for cuticles?

Ideally, jojoba oil should be applied to the cuticles every time you wash your hands, as this helps them from drying out.

However, that isn’t very realistic, given everything else you need to take care of throughout the day.

A good time to apply jojoba oil to your cuticles is before you paint them, although ensure that the oil has been fully absorbed.

Otherwise, the polish won’t adhere properly to the nail. Jojoba oil also works as well on naked nails, so anytime your cuticles appear to be too dry, you could apply some to keep them hydrated.

Apply jojoba oil before you go to bed at night, as this provides more than enough time for it to fully soak into the cuticles.

Pile of jojoba nuts

Does jojoba oil grow nails?

Whilst jojoba won’t be directly responsible for making your nails grow, it can play a pivotal role in supporting their growth.

Introducing a regular application routine can help to stimulate growth by providing the necessary minerals and vitamins needed to prevent breakage and add strength.

With your nails nourished and hydrated, they stand a better chance of continuing to grow and remain healthy and strong.

Argan oil vs jojoba oil for nails: Which one is better?

There is often a debate about whether argan oil or jojoba oil is better for your nails. The truth is, both offer fantastic benefits for your nails, so in many cases it is a matter of preference and what you believe works best for your nails.

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which helps it to moisturise the cuticle and fortify and regenerate the nail plate, protecting it against sun damage and moisture loss.

It’s great at strengthening nails and helping to support plates that have become weak or brittle.

As we mentioned in the benefits section above, jojoba oil has just as much to offer your nails and cuticles. Its similarity to the sebum produced by the body allows it to be absorbed deeply, whilst the oil contains vitamins B and E, along with a host of other minerals, proteins and fatty acids.

Black and white illustration of a jojoba branch

Adding jojoba oil to your regular nail care routine offers a host of potential benefits.

Its antioxidant properties help to repair damaged nails, so they remain strong and healthy, whilst the vitamin E content provides essential moisture needed by your nails and surrounding skin.

And because it is a carrier oil, there are no dilution guidelines to worry about, so it can be applied directly to your nails safe in the knowledge it shouldn’t produce an allergic reaction.

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