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5 min read / 5 August 2023 / Laura Garvin Gomez

Jojoba Oil for Beard Growth - Does it Work?

Explore the effectiveness of Jojoba Oil for beard growth.

An increasing number of people are becoming aware of how using jojoba oil for beard and hair health can also help to support growth.

But how does it work? And is it really true that jojoba oil is good for hair growth?

From increasing hydration and reducing hair breakage to managing sebum production and minimising hair loss, we explain how you can use jojoba oil for beard moisturising, protection, maintenance and more.

What is jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba plant that grows in hot desert-like regions of North America, as well as Mexico and some parts of Canada. It is removed from the seed of the plant using a cold pressing method to produce a natural, golden oil that is almost entirely composed of waxes, along with some vitamins, sterols, hydrocarbons and triglyceride esters.

The oil is regularly used in cosmetic, topical and transdermal products, due to its strong hydration properties.

 Small amber glass vial containing jojoba oil surrounded by the nuts of the jojoba plant

Benefits of using jojoba oil for your beard

Here are some of the benefits jojoba oil can provide for your facial hair with regular application:

1. It reduces hair breakage

Applying jojoba oil to your beard adds lubrication that makes your facial hair less dry and brittle. This means hairs are less likely to break and develop split ends further down the line.

It should also result in a fuller, thicker beard as there is less splitting and breakage. It’s why you’ll find jojoba oil regularly listed in the ingredients of beard oils, moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners.

2. It regulates the buildup of greasy sebum

Sebum is a natural oil produced by the skin that appears between your hair follicles. More sebum is produced on the face than other parts of the body due to various hormonal factors and the concentration of hair follicles.

Although sebum can be brushed evenly through a beard to add shine, if too much sebum is being produced it can create a greasy buildup.

Applying jojoba can help to even out this imbalance, whilst also boosting blood flow to the skin and follicles, which can add more life and vibrancy to your beard.

3. It increases hair and follicle hydration

When hair follicles are dehydrated they struggle to grow and can start to look and feel dry and flaky, causing itchy, irritable skin. Not only can this create dandruff (also known as beardruff) but also close the follicle down completely so it no longer produces hair.

If you apply jojoba oil it can help to stimulate the follicles so encourage growth, without making your skin or hair feel greasy.

4. It can minimise hair loss

If hair follicles become too dry, they tend to either start producing thinner hairs or stop growing them completely. Thinner hairs are easier to break, which can lead to a patchy and uneven appearance.

However, if kept moisturised, hydrated follicles will continue to stimulate the growth of thicker hairs, as jojoba oil penetrates the skin to internally lubricate.

Clear glass vial of jojoba oil sat on a plate with some in a bowl next to it

How to use jojoba oil for your beard

When you are happy that your choice of jojoba oil is suitable for your beard, use the following instructions to apply it to your beard:

  1. Add about 5-10 drops of jojoba oil to the palm of your hand.
  2. Warm the oil by rubbing it between your palms, as this will help with absorption.
  3. Gently massage the jojoba oil directly onto your beard using a downward stroking motion, which will help to tame any stray hairs.
  4. When most of the oil has been applied, massage the bottom of your beard with any residue left over in your hand.

Start with a small amount so you can assess how much to apply, as over application can make the beard look oily and greasy. You also do not need to worry about diluting jojoba, as it is a carrier oil and can be applied directly.

Is jojoba oil good for beard growth?

The main benefit of using jojoba for your beard is that it will aid hydration, which encourages hair growth whilst reducing breakage.

This doesn’t mean your beard will grow faster or thicker, but the moisturisation will soften your beard so it looks fuller, longer and healthier.

Whilst studies have been carried out to understand more about jojoba oil and its potential benefits for beard growth, there is currently no evidence that suggests this is possible. However, as stated in the benefits section above, applying jojoba oil offers a lot of advantages that will make it easier to maintain a thriving beard.

Small glass jug filled with jojoba next to a smaller glass vial with some jojoba nuts in a small bowl in the background

Are there any risks to using jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil is classed as a carrier oil, which means unlike essential oils, it does not need to be diluted before application. This makes it completely safe to use for the vast majority of people on their beard, skin, hair and scalp.

Although it is rare, there have been some cases where processed versions of the oil have irritated the skin and caused side effects like eczema or an allergic reaction.

When shopping around to buy jojoba oil, you should only purchase 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed or unrefined versions, as this is generally kinder to the skin.

If you are using the oil for the first time or are unsure about potential side effects, speak with your doctor or dermatologist before applying it to your beard.

Can you ingest jojoba oil?

Although there are no reports that indicate ingesting small amounts of jojoba oil will cause any problems (consuming in large amounts can cause digestive issues), it is also not an action that offers any additional benefits.

Jojoba oil can be easily absorbed by your beard and skin, ensuring that all its vitamins and nutrients go directly where they need to be. Ingesting the oil will likely mean some of its important components will be stripped away, minimising the benefits for your beard.

Black and white illustration of a jojoba plant

Jojoba oil isn’t able to offer a miracle solution for beard and hair growth, but it does provide a wealth of benefits that can help you grow and maintain a healthy beard. You can apply the oil directly to your beard and skin without dilution, and whilst ingesting it in small amounts shouldn’t cause any harm, it won’t add anything extra to the appearance of your beard.

When applying the oil, only do so in small amounts at first to gauge what is right for your beard, as adding too much can interfere with the natural production of sebum in your skin.

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