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4 min read / 2 February 2024 / yasmin sharp

How To Package and Ship Candles

Discover essential tips for packaging and shipping candles safely and creatively.

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Candles are delicate and can be easily damaged in transit, so it’s a good idea to understand how to package a candle for shipping.

Courier companies are efficient, but packages are moved quite abruptly through the shipping chain, which can be problematic for candles in glass and tin containers.

In this post we give you some tips on how to ship candles, including what type of packaging to use, how to make your branding stand out and more.

How much does it cost to package and ship candles?

When you start planning how to package candles to sell, you also have to factor in the costs involved.

There is no fixed price, as your expenditure is determined by things such as:

  • Packaging materials (boxes/interior padding)
  • Weight of the package
  • Shipping destination
  • Delivery speed (standard/express etc.)
  • Courier company

You may want to ship your candles as a fragile package, which may incur additional handling charges by the courier.

candle with purple background next to lavender

Tips on how to package a candle for shipping

Take a look at some of our suggestions on how to ship candles to give them more protection during transit:

1. Select the right shipping boxes

Most homemade candlemakers use a tin or glass jar for their products, which can make them more likely to be damaged during the shipping process.

Using the right shipping packaging helps to protect your candles during their journey, reducing the chances of any drops, bumps or jostles causing any breakage.

Boxes made from strong, corrugated cardboard tend to work very well, as they have an inner and outer layer, along with a fluted middle layer that acts as an additional buffer.

This should mean your candles have enough protection and cushioning in transit.

Pick boxes that are slightly bigger than the candle product, as this allows enough room for the product to fit in without having to force or bend the cardboard.

2. Always pack the candles with care

One of the most important parts of learning how to package a candle is how the candle is placed inside the shipping container.

If you have chosen a box that is slightly bigger than the candle, there may be some additional room that needs to be filled with interior padding to increase protection.

You can use bubble wrap or kraft paper for this, which will help to stabilise the candle so it doesn’t move around in transit.

The more the candle is able to move, the more likely it is that the product could be damaged.

3. Safeguard against extreme temperatures

Weather conditions also have a role to play when figuring out how to post candles.

When shipping during the summer, high temperatures can affect the integrity of the wax, so you may want to consider ice packs or frozen gel packs to prevent them from melting.

Lining the packaging with Styrofoam can also create insulation that stops the wax from melting, or you could order pre-insulated boxes that are ready for use.

This may add a little more to your costs, but it is better than dealing with customers who are upset about the product they have received.

Alternatively, if you know temperatures are likely to change over the coming days or weeks, you could switch to express shipping for a short period to shorten the length of time your products are in transit.

womans hand pouring melted wax into a candle jar

4. Create a special unboxing experience

Most people see candles as an item of luxury, allowing them to unwind in calm, serene surroundings in the comfort of their own home.

This gives you an opportunity to increase their anticipation by creating an unboxing experience that makes receiving the candle feel even more special.

For example, you could use coloured tissue paper that complements and coordinates with the scent of the candle.

Another option could be to feature custom artwork, or witty advertising slogans or copy.

Customers usually appreciate a handwritten note on a postcard-sized insert, although as sales grow, you may prefer to switch to standardised, printed messages to save time.

The more creative you can be with the packaging, the more engaged customers are with the product and your brand, which can help you to grow and find new orders.

5. Use custom labels or boost your brand

Candles are often positioned in prominent places around the home, so the labels and branding is always in full view.

This gives you a chance to increase brand exposure by using customised, decorative labels that are memorable and catch the eye.

You can add them onto the candle jars themselves or onto additional exterior packaging, which enables you to present your brand messaging.

Black matte labels, metallic plastic or kraft paper labels often work well, giving you the option to print your own custom artwork and lettering.

It also shouldn’t add too much to your production costs, whilst allowing your candle products to stand out from the competition.

6. Consider shipping insurance

Goods in transit insurance may be worth considering if sales are growing and you are sending out a sizeable number of candles every week or month.

This will give you some cover for any items that may be lost, stolen or damaged during transit.

According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, 13.3 million people experienced a delivery issue in October 2023 – and these figures were only for a single month of the year.

Whilst, most major shipping couriers will deliver without an issue, there is always the chance your goods could be lost or damaged along the way.

black and white illustration of a candle

Once you’ve mastered how to package a candle, the whole process should become second nature.

It’s also important to remember that you can’t cover everything and there will also be some unforeseen issue that arises, as it is part and parcel of selling and shipping goods.

But as long as you ensure the packaging is secure, your branding is on point and that you use a reliable courier service, it can ease a lot of stress and worry about providing good customer service.

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