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29 August 2022 / Laura Garvin Gomez

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

Help become spiritually aligned with this deeper diver into how to balance your chakras.

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Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

Chakras can be a mysterious premise to those who are unsure about them. 

Spanning across seven different zones in the body, the chakras are an integral part of our inner sense of balance and our connections to spirituality. 

Like many aspects of our overall health, our chakras can sometimes become unbalanced, leaving us with a mixed bag of emotional and occasionally physical symptoms that can affect our day-to-day lives. 

Learning how to effectively realign our chakras, as well as better understanding what they are and how they can help you, can facilitate a healthy and restored sense of wellness. 

What are chakras?

Derived from ancient practices of spirituality and meditation, the seven chakras represent seven moving points of energy located within our spiritual selves. 

Based on the Sanskrit word meaning "disk" or "wheel", each of these energy points corresponds to a particular set of nerves or organs present in the physical body.

According to these traditions, each of these chakras must remain opened and balanced in order for us to maintain healthy minds and bodies.

The seven chakras include: 

Due to their varying locations within the spiritual self, different chakras are said to represent different emotional values, ranging from creativity and sexual drive to openness and communication. 

Certain behaviours or symptoms within the physical body can also help you to determine which chakras require more attention, and which are seemingly overactive in comparison to the others. 

Why do I need to balance my chakras?

It is believed that when our chakras are opened and balanced, we become better and more prosperous individuals.

Our souls feel lighter and more open as energy is allowed to flow freely through each section of our bodies, uplifting us from within and diminishing any feelings of negativity, anxiety or stress. 

Because of this, chakra balancing has long been associated with a greater quality of life, and is even said to improve our overall mental, physical and emotional health overtime. 

Lavender stem and vial with oil in.

How do I know if my chakras are not balanced? 

If one or more of your chakras is unbalanced or requires more (or sometimes less) attention, symptoms may begin to manifest themselves in a number of emotional and even physical ways. 

You may feel generally "off" or unwell, experience a depletion of emotional control or desires, or simply feel like nothing is going your way. 

Certain unbalanced chakras can also create unpleasant aches, such as pain in your feet, joints or organs, dependant on the specific regions that chakra is close to. 

Balancing chakras with essential oils

So, how do you balance your chakras? There are many different methods and techniques people can use to help realign their chakras. 

Yoga, meditation, reiki and crystal healing are all popular methods, and are certainly practices to incorporate if you're serious about keeping your chakras in good order. 

A lot of the time, however, these practices also benefit from the support of aromatherapy to help create a positive, peaceful atmosphere.

Using essential oils to facilitate chakra balancing can help bolster feelings of wellness, as well as encourage focus on certain individual chakras and the emotions they represent. 

Diffusing essential oils while engaging in another chakra practice, such as meditation or yoga, is a popular option for many people, as certain scents can help focus the mind and open passageways to spirituality. 

Alternatively, some people prefer to add oils to water and spray the scent around their practice space. 

Applying a mix of essential oils and carrier oils topically onto certain chakra regions is also a popular choice, as it helps to physically connect the chakra with the practice used to balance it. 

If you're uncertain on where to begin, our range of expert-made essential oil chakra blends are specifically designed to help balance and restore your chakras, allowing your mind to open up to greater realms of spiritual wellness. 

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