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Citrus Fragrance Oils

Whether you're searching for that perfect holiday scent, or you simply enjoy a refreshing, sweet kick, our citrus fragrance oils are for you. Shop our collection of premium citrus fragrance oils below.

What are citrus fragrance oils?

From sweet and juicy fruits to classic lemony herbs, our premium citrus fragrance oils will provide you with a range of zesty sensations to enrich the senses and awaken the mind.

Fragrance Oil Boxes

A great alternative to our citrus essential oils, citrus fragrance oils provide the same refreshing, tropical scents but with a more consistent, long-lasting aroma, as well as more creative combinations to satisfy any and every mood.
While our Orange, Orange Squash, and Grapefruit & Bergamot fragrance oils opt for the more traditional citrus scents derived from fruit, our Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, and Lemon Balm fragrance oils can also be considered highly zesty in their aromas, despite having more delicate, herbaceous notes.

What are citrus fragrance oils good for?

Citrus oil is popular in soap making, candle making, and wax melt creations as well as all other similar aromatherapy creations. This is due to the soft but uplifting summery scents they provide, allowing them to work perfectly when blended with other aromas.

Citrus fragrance oils are also great for adding to potpourri made from fruits, as they help to enhance the natural scents while still maintaining the desired brightening,  zesty aromas.

Discover our range of fun DIY recipes over on our blog to start getting creative with your citrus oils!

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